Is Prodigy EMS free?

Is Prodigy EMS free?

There is no catch, the NCCR is completely free. After you complete all of the modules you will receive 30 CAPCE F3 (distributive) hours for you to use towards your recertification.

Is bound tree university free?

Bound Tree University offers free, online, CAPCE-accredited EMS1 Academy continuing education courses.

Is it possible to get EMT certified online?

And for those who either don’t have the time to attend an in-person-only class, or learn better in an online environment, we offer EMT training in a blended format. By selecting our Simulation Learning courses, you can take online courses, as well as in-person, hands-on classes and receive your full recertification.

Is Boundtree Capce approved?

Free Online CEUs Bound Tree University is dedicated to the continuing education of EMTs and Paramedics. Several online courses are FREE and have been accredited by the EMS1 Academy, a CAPCE accredited organization.

How much does prodigy EMS cost?

Prodigy EMS, powered by School of EMS, is offered at a yearly subscription cost of $225.

Is EMS1 Academy legit?

Is EMS1 Academy accredited? Yes, EMS1 Academy is organizationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE, formerly CECBEMS), which is the national accrediting body for EMS continuing education courses.

Is Prodigy EMS Capce?

School of EMS has partnered with Prodigy EMS to bring you a convenient, comprehensive, CAPCE approved Continuing Medical Education experience in both the Virtual Instructor Led (VILT) and Distributive environments.

How do I get Capce certification?

What Organizations Get CAPCE Certified?

  1. Demonstrate an ongoing needs assessment for specific EMS educational activities.
  2. Submit a letter of recommendation or approval of its state EMS office and a current agreement with physician medical director(s) to provide direction to the EMS and the CAPCE program committee.
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