Is Provo Canyon open right now 2020?

Is Provo Canyon open right now 2020?

Provo Canyon is closed. Traffic from through the canyon on Highway 189 is being rerouted over the Alpine Loop.

Why is Spanish Fork Canyon closed?

Spanish Fork Canyon Remains Closed Due to Coal Hollow Fire.

Is there construction in Provo Canyon?

Once work in the canyon is completed, construction will extend on State Route 92 from the mouth of the canyon to 5500 West in Highland. The entire project is expected to be complete in September.

Are fires allowed in Provo Canyon?

No outside fire pits or open fires are allowed. Please contact Provo Fire & Rescue at (801) 852-6321 for further information on fire restrictions and the type of wood permitted to be burned.

How big is the Provo Canyon fire?

3,450 acres
The fire was at 3,450 acres as of Monday morning, up from about 1,500 acres on Sunday morning, fire crews reported. Investigators determined that the #RangeFire originated at the Orem Police Gun Range & was caused by target shooting. The Orem Police Officer present when the fire started is cooperating with officials.

Can you drive up Provo Canyon?

A drive down Provo Canyon Scenic Byway takes approximately 35 minutes not including breaks for recreation. Get great views of Uinta National Forest and Mt. Timpanogos.

What highway is Provo Canyon?

Utah Highway 189
Designated a “Scenic Byway” by the State of Utah, the four-lane Utah Highway 189 (Provo Canyon Road) leads past eight city, county, and state parks, a world-class ski resort, several trailheads, and multiple scenic waterfalls cascading down the surrounding cliffs.

Is Alpine Loop Open?

Entirely paved, the Alpine Loop is open from approximately late May to late October. Snow closes part of the road for the rest of the year. Not recommended for vehicles more than 30 feet long. Visitors must purchase a recreation pass to use facilities in this area.

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