Is the boy in Mercury Rising autistic?

Is the boy in Mercury Rising autistic?

A nine-year-old autistic savant boy, Simon Lynch (Miko Hughes) is given an adult puzzle book by his teacher. One puzzle is a message enciphered with a code called “Mercury Rising”.

Where is Miko Hughes now?

He became a writer and director in 2013 when he created the “See” segment in Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear. Miko also has another horror film, William Froste, aiming for a 2016 release. He is also a beekeeper and singer and makes frequent horror film convention appearances.

When was Miko Hughes born?

February 22, 1986 (age 35 years)
Miko Hughes/Date of birth
Full name, Miko John Hughes; born February 22, 1986, in Apple Valley, CA; sonof John (a special effects technician) and Mary Hughes.

How old is Miko Hughes now?

35 years (February 22, 1986)
Miko Hughes/Age

What is the message of the movie Mercury Rising?

At its core, the movie is about trust. Jeffries doesn’t trust his superiors, his superiors don’t trust him, and he and the autistic boy must learn how to trust one another in order to survive. MERCURY RISING is a taut thriller with an emotional bond at its core.

Is Mercury Rising a true story?

The plot bears a striking resemblance to a real event in history as reported by Bruce Watson on DailyFinance’s Website on 24 December 2009: ‘… In December 1955, Sears Roebuck ran a newspaper ad with what they claimed was Santa’s direct number.

Where is Simon Mercury Rising?

“His name is Simon Lynch, he lives in Chicago, he is nine years old, and he has deciphered a message written in the most sophisticated code the world has ever known.”

How old is Gage from Pet Sematary now?

34 years old
The actor is now 34 years old, and has a fruitful career as an adult.

Who was the kid from Pet Sematary?

Miko John Hughes
Miko John Hughes (born February 22, 1986) is an American actor known for his film roles as a child, such as Gage Creed in Pet Sematary (1989), Kindergarten Cop (1990), Apollo 13 (1995), Spawn (1997), Mercury Rising (1998), Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994), as well as his recurring role as Aaron on Full House from 1990 …

What happens at the end of Mercury Rising?

The murdered employee’s friend turns to Jeffries for help, and together they set a trap in which Kudrow is killed. The film ends with Simon being adopted by a new family.

Who was the autistic boy in Mercury Rising?

Miko is best known on film for his dramatic portrayal of an autistic boy opposite Bruce Willis in the blockbuster hit Mercury Rising (1998). In addition, Miko has also starred on film in Spawn (1997), Zeus and Roxanne (1997), Apollo 13 (1995), Kindergarten Cop (1990) and Pet Sematary (1989).

Who are the actors in the movie Mercury Rising?

Mercury Rising. Mercury Rising is a 1998 American political action thriller film starring Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin. Directed by Harold Becker, the movie is based on Ryne Douglas Pearson’s 1996 novel originally published as Simple Simon.

Who are the bad guys in Mercury Rising?

Mercury Rising is a very conventional “government bad guys” story about evil agents out to kill an autistic boy who can break their top code. Of course, the premise of the movie, that the government would rather kill someone who can break their code rather than fixing the problems with the code, is incredibly stupid.

Who is the actor who plays Art Jeffries in Mercury Rising?

Willis plays Art Jeffries, an undercover FBI agent who protects a nine-year-old autistic boy, Simon Lynch (played by Miko Hughes), who is targeted by government assassins after he cracks a top secret government code. The film is the first of two collaborations between Willis and Baldwin, the second film being Motherless Brooklyn.

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