Is the clock king a Batman villain?

Is the clock king a Batman villain?

The Clock King is a villain in Batman: The Animated Series, recreated for the show as Temple Fugate. His name is a reference on the Latin phrase tempus fugit, literally meaning ,”time flies”.

Who did Robert Knepper play in Arrow?

Robert Knepper, who is well-known for his run as Prison Break’s slithery T-Bag and currently is busting heads on TNT’s Mob City, has been cast on The CW’s Arrow in the plum role of DC Comics master criminal William Tockman aka “Clock King.”

Who is The Flash on Earth 2 CW?

Jay Garrick
Jay Garrick is a speedster and a member of the Wonders of the World on Earth 2 as The Flash.

Who played the clock king in Arrow?

Robert Knepper
Clock King (Robert Knepper)

Clock King
General Information
Real name: William Tockman
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Robert Knepper

Is Jay Garrick a bad guy?

Jay Garrick is a veteran speedster from Earth-3 and a vigilante known as The Flash, stylized as the Crimson Comet. Jay was found by Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, an evil meta-human speedster from Earth-2, and held as a prisoner in Hunter’s lair on Earth-2, forced to wear an iron mask that dampened his powers.

Who destroyed Earth-2?

Earth-2 was the first known universe to be completely destroyed by antimatter.

Can Darkseid beat Thanos?

Darkseid: The Verdict. Thanos is no match for the full threat of Darkseid. To Darkseid, Thanos is just another alien playing at god while he stands as a genuine article. At best, Darkseid would look at Thanos as a possible war-hound for his own army.

What are Clock King powers?

He has no superpowers or abilities. He wears a clock mask, a cape, and a blue suit with clock drawings on it. Clock King is a master planner and sometimes uses clock-themed gadgetry. The Clock King became better known more recently by his appearances in Justice League International and Suicide Squad.

Who was the actor who played the Clock King?

The Clock King made his first live appearance in the 1960s Batman TV series, played by Walter Slezak. The character was later played in the second season of Arrow by Robert Knepper.

Who was the Clock King in the Flash?

During the city wide blackout caused by a Metahuman named by Blackout he took advantage of the situation and managed to take the entire police station, killing two police officers and holding everyone hostage including Joe West and his daughter Iris West.

When did the Clock King first appear in comics?

The first Clock King was a villain and enemy of Green Arrow, and debuted in World’s Finest Comics #111 (August 1960), and was created by France Herron and Lee Elias. The Clock King made his first live-action appearance in the 1960s Batman TV series, played by Walter Slezak.

Who is the Clock King in the Arrowverse?

So however long I have in this life, I promise not one second more will be spent in a prison cell. ” William Tockman (born March 11, 1965), also known as the Clock King, is a bank robber and former employee of Kord Industries.

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