Is Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder based on Harvey Weinstein?

Is Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder based on Harvey Weinstein?

That was until his explosive performance as Hollywood agent Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder. Rumored to be based on Harvey Weinstein, Grossman was a hilarious, over-the-top deconstruction of the stereotypical Hollywood executive: brash, profane, arrogant, egotistical, manipulative, greedy, and grandiose.

Will there be a Les Grossman movie?

Rumors turned to reality last summer when Paramount confirmed a spin-off film about Grossman’s life story, but since then they’ve been mum on the subject. Turns out, it’s still totally happening. In an interview with MTV News, Bill Hader confirmed that friend and Scott Pilgrim vs.

Did Tom Cruise wear a bodysuit in Tropic Thunder?

Tom Cruise was rendered virtually unrecognisable when he donned a bald cap, prosthetic hands, fat suit and hairy chest to play psychotic movie mogul Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder.

Who is Kirk Lazarus based on?

BASED KIRK LAZARUS ON THREE ACTORS. At a press conference, Downey said he based Lazarus on three actors: Russell Crowe and Daniel Day-Lewis, “with a little” Colin Farrell. Lazarus was originally written as Irish; Downey changed him into an Australian because he was more comfortable improvising in that accent.

Was Tropic Thunder filmed in Vietnam?

While on the subject of movies filmed in Hawaii but not actually set there, you’ve probably guessed by now that Tropic Thunder isn’t set in Hawaii – it actually takes place in Vietnam. However, Kauai’s dramatic weather and turbulent terrain proved challenging for the film crew during production.

Who is Les Grossman based on?

The appearance and personality of Les Grossman, the hotheaded and foul-mouthed Hollywood producer played by Tom Cruise in Stiller’s film Tropic Thunder, is reportedly based in part on Cornfeld.

What are the reviews for the movie Tropic Thunder?

The review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a rating of 82% based on 242 reviews and an average rating of 7.1/10. The website’s critical consensus reads, “With biting satire, plenty of subversive humor, and an unforgettable turn by Robert Downey Jr., Tropic Thunder is a triumphant late summer comedy.”.

Is there a sequel to Tropic Thunder with Tom Cruise?

Cruise reprised his character Les Grossman for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. On June 9, 2010, it was announced that a spin-off film would be developed centering on Grossman. A script has been written by Michael Bacall.

How did Tugg get brainwashed in Tropic Thunder?

Taken to their base, Tugg believes it is a POW camp from the script. The gang discovers he is the star of their favorite film, the box-office bomb Simple Jack, and force him to reenact it several times a day, leading him to become brainwashed .

What kind of English does Lazarus speak in Tropic Thunder?

Lazarus refuses to break character until he has recorded the DVD commentary for a part and only speaks in his character’s African American Vernacular English.

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