Is Undyne in love with Alphys?

Is Undyne in love with Alphys?

Undyne is passionate about everything that she does. Undyne dislikes puzzles, loves japes, and enjoys anime, an affinity she shares with her romantic interest, Alphys. Since Alphys told Undyne that anime is actually human history, Undyne regards human history as exciting and cool.

Are Undyne and Alphys dating in Deltarune?

Many fans were disappointed to see that Undyne and Alphys are not together, and do not seem to know each other in Deltarune. On AO3, it is the second most written pairing in the Undertale fandom, behind Sans/Reader. In the Deltarune fandom, it is the tenth most popular overall ship and sixth most popular romantic ship.

Why did Alphys kill herself?

A Friend’s Death. It is unfortunate, but it is very likely that Alphys commits suicide in the aforementioned neutral routes. Presumably, she does so out of guilt. If Frisk kills Mettaton, Alphys probably feels guilty for his death.

Can you date Alphys in neutral?

You can only get the letter from Undyne (and the Alphys date that follows), if you defeat Omega Flowey and reload/reset. After the date, you are encouraged to go to check on her at the Lab, which leads to the Pacifist ending. But you can go back to Asgore, instead, for a slightly different Neutral ending variation.

Do you kill Alphys?

Alphys is the only main character you cannot fight or kill directly (Sans being actually dead after losing the fight is debatable). The only way to kill her is to cause her to commit suicide. It’s one of the darkest thing you can do in the game.

Who hired Muffet to kill you?

We were hired by Mettaton to destroy you.

How do I unlock Alphys date?

Get the ferry from Hotlands to Snowdin Village and go to Papyrus’s house, and Undyne will give you a letter to deliver to Alphys. Take the ferry back to Hotlands and slide the note under the door, and after a brief and awkward conversation you’ll end up on a date with Alphys.

Can you do true pacifist after killing Flowey?

Method. If Flowey is spared, he appears after the Neutral Route phone call and provides a hint to the protagonist on how to get the True Pacifist Ending (but not if they aborted the Genocide Route), but if he is killed, the game immediately returns to the title screen.

What happens after you beat Mad Mew Mew?

On the Nintendo Switch version, after the fight with Mad Mew Mew, the training dummy in front of Undyne’s house disappears (regardless of whether the protagonist chose to fight or spare Mad Mew Mew) until the True Pacifist ending is achieved, where Mad Mew Mew appears in front of Undyne’s house.

What does Undyne say in the letter to Alphys?

Afterwards, if the player is on a True Pacifist Route, Undyne asks Frisk (the human) to deliver a letter to Alphys (a confession letter). Frisk does that, but Alphys assumes the letter is from the human so the two go on a date. Alphys mentions that the contents of the letter were “passionate”. Undyne has written this letter.

Where does Undyne and alphyne live in Undertale?

In the credits of the Pacifist Route, Undyne kisses Alphys on the cheek (shown above). Alphys and Undyne live in the same town. When Kris talks to Undyne, they have the option to bring up Alphys. However, they do not appear to know each other. Alphyne is among the most popular ships in the Undertale fandom.

How to go on a date with Alphys?

Take the letter to Alphys’ Lab and you can slide it under the door. You’ll go on a date with Alphys etc etc… True Lab. After you get the letter from Undyne, you head over to Alphy’s lab, slide the letter uder the door and then you’ll go on the date. After that, you get a call from Papyrus, and he’ll tell you to go to the lab.

What happens to Undyne’s letter in the true pacifist route?

Undyne’s Letter is a letter that Undyne gives to the protagonist to deliver to Alphys in the True Pacifist Route. After the protagonist delivers the letter, Alphys engages in a date with the protagonist.

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