What are 10 words that Shakespeare invented?

What are 10 words that Shakespeare invented?

15 Words Invented by Shakespeare

  • Bandit.
  • Critic.
  • Dauntless.
  • Dwindle.
  • Elbow (as a verb)
  • Green-Eyed (to describe jealousy)
  • Lackluster.
  • Lonely.

What are 20 words that Shakespeare invented?

Words Shakespeare Invented

academe accused addiction
impartial invulnerable jaded
laughable lonely lower
madcap majestic marketable
monumental moonbeam mountaineer

What was Shakespeare’s vocabulary?

This, with his manifest vocabulary of 31,000 words, added up to a well-supportable estimated total vocabulary of at least 66,000 words – or perhaps something closer to 64,000, if added to Shakespeare’s corrected manifest vocabulary of 29,000 words per Spevack’s 1974 count.

How many words did Shakespeare come up with?

Jason Kottke estimates that Shakespeare knew around 66,534 words, which suggests Shakespeare was pushing the boundaries of English vocab as he knew it. He had to make up some new words. The Complete List of Words Shakespeare Invented Compiling a definitive list of every word that Shakespeare ever invented is impossible.

What did Shakespeare invent in the English language?

Take Shakespeare: he invented words. And he invented more words—words that continue to shape the English language—than anyone else. By a long shot. But what does it mean to “invent” words? How many words did Shakespeare invent? What kind of words? And which words are those exactly?

What are some common words used in Shakespeare’s plays?

Here are some common words that first appeared in Shakespeare’s plays and their meanings: admirable – something that deserves respect or admiration Being honest is an admirable quality. auspicious – favorable; promising success; a good omen A wedding is an example of an auspicious occasion. baseless

Which is an example of a sentence from Shakespeare?

Here are some words we still commonly use that first appeared in Shakespeare’s plays, along with the meaning and an example sentence: Being honest is an admirable quality. A wedding is an auspicious occasion.

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