What are health outcomes in public health?

What are health outcomes in public health?

Health Outcomes represent how healthy a county is right now. They reflect the physical and mental well-being of residents within a community through measures representing not only the length of life but quality of life as well.

What are some public health frameworks?

Several SDOH frameworks have been developed to help communities, health professionals, and others begin to better understand and address a variety of factors that affect health….Healthy People

  • Economic stability.
  • Education.
  • Social and community context.
  • Health and healthcare access.
  • The neighborhood and built environment.

When was the public health outcomes framework introduced?

When the PHOF was first published in 2012 there was a commitment not to make any changes for three years to allow it to become established during the transfer of public health responsibilities from the NHS to local authorities.

What is the purpose of public health outcomes framework?

The Public Health Outcomes Framework sets the context for the system, from local to national level. The framework will set out the broad range of opportunities to improve and protect health across the life course and to reduce inequalities in health that still persist (see graphic below).

How many domains does the NHS outcomes framework have?

five Domains
Indicators in the NHS Outcomes Framework are grouped into five Domains, which set out the high-level national outcomes that the NHS should be aiming to improve.

What is an outcome framework?

An outcomes framework is a resource to help you link what you do (activities) with what you want to achieve (outcomes). An outcomes framework is made up of different “tools”. At the moment we use these tools: Outcomes triangle. Logic models.

What are the 3 domains of public health?

Public health practice comprises the three public health domains of Health Improvement, Health Protection and Healthcare Public Health. It includes three underlying functions: public health knowledge and intelligence; academic public health; and workforce development.

What is the public health outcomes model?


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