What are pillow angels?

What are pillow angels?

She had her uterus removed, had surgery on her breasts so they would not develop and was given hormone treatment. She is now known by the nickname her parents gave her — Pillow Angel.

When was the Ashley treatment?

The aim of it all, Ashley’s parents insisted, was to give their daughter the best life possible despite a condition from birth which left her unable to talk or walk, and with the cognitive ability of an infant. News broke around the world of the pioneering treatment in January 2007, igniting a global debate about the …

What form of treatment would be provided for Ashley?

Ashley is a girl with developmental disabilities who was six years old at the time the interventions began. The intervention included surgical removal of her uterus and breast buds, as well as high-dosage hormone therapy to limit her growth and physical sexual development.

What is breast bud removal?

The removal of breast buds and hysterectomy were meant to spare Ashley the pain and discomfort of menstruation and the development of fully-developed breasts, and also to “avoid sexualization” in order to make her less vulnerable to sexual abuse when she was ultimately institutionalized.

What is growth attenuation therapy?

Growth attenuation is an elective medical treatment which involves administering estrogen to cause closure of the epiphyses of the bones (Epiphyseal plates), resulting in a reduced adult height.

Who is Ashley flowers husband?

Ashley Flowers’s Marriage with Erik Hudak As per the reports, Ashley Flowers got married to her husband named ‘Erik Hudak’ on 31 December 2017.

What is wrong with the Ashley treatment?

Opponents argue that the treatment and surgery are nonbeneficial because Ashley is not suffering, the treatment is untested and has potential adverse effects, and the surgery is unnecessary because there are viable options. Physicians are ethically bound to do no harm to a patient.

How does growth attenuation work?

Is growth attenuation ethical?

After a lengthy discussion, the committee reached consensus that both the requests for growth attenuation and hysterectomy were ethically appropriate in this case.

Who is Mike Boudet?

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When did the Pillow Angel story go viral?

Pillow Angel . Org This blog received more than 2 million clicks in January 2007, when Ashley’s story went viral worldwide. “Every human life matters. There are no exceptions.

How tall is Ashley from the Pillow Angel?

The case: Ashley is a brain-damaged girl whose parents feared that as she got bigger, it would be much harder to care for her; so they set out to keep her small. Through high-dose estrogen treatment over the past two years, her growth plates were closed and her prospective height reduced by about 13 inches, to 4’5″.

Who are the pillow Angels in the world?

“I want to thank you for pioneering this treatment to aid all the pillow angels out there in the world today. As a pediatric nurse practitioner I cannot express the sheer horror of watching children grow into adults and have their parents try to move them.

What are the benefits of a Pillow Angel?

Keeping Ashley smaller and more portable, the doctors argue, has medical as well as emotional benefits: more movement means better circulation, digestion and muscle condition, and fewer sores and infections. “If you’re going to be against this,” Gunther says, “you have to argue why the benefits are not worth pursuing.”

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