What are the key benefits of enterprise VoIP phone systems?

What are the key benefits of enterprise VoIP phone systems?

If there is anything as popular as French Fries, then it is a VoIP-based enterprise phone system. Though it was initially framed as an internet-based telephony system, it soon becomes the spine of all kinds of businesses. Whether you are a beginner or an industry-giant, this one business tool is going to help you at every front.

Almost every business that seeks streamline and unified business communication at affordable cost is likely to place VoIP as its key communication resource. More than a trend, it’s the need of the hour.

If you have already replaced your old-schooled telephony with the enterprise VoIP system, then congratulations on making the right choice. If you haven’t and wondering what would be your takeaways in this deal, then we are going to help you with our precisely-designed rundown of some of the key advantages of adopting VoIP.

Takeaways related to VoIP for you

Speaking of the takeaways of VoIP, they are huge and can be explained as:

1. Immense cost saving

Though there are many benefits of using VoIP, the first and foremost is immense cost-saving because money is what matters the most. When we talk about managing a business, there are many direct and indirect expenses. Here is a quick overview of how VoIP helps you save big time on both fronts:

Hardware and software cost-saving Unlike traditional telephony systems, you don’t have to spend a significant part of your investment in buying landline phones, copper wires, and PBXs. And this is not the end of your expenses.

All of your landline telephony related hardware requires regular and timely maintenance as well. So, there is no end to your expenses.

But, this is not the case with VoIP as it works with the least possible hardware/software as most of its vital components are already deployed over the cloud and need nearly zero maintenance.

Calling expenses As the enterprise VoIP system makes a call using an internet connection, you will pay way less than what you used to pay with the landline system per call. This saving is done over local and international calls to some extent.

Expenses on the workforce With VoIP, you will have impeccable automation by your side. This reduces your dependency on human resources. For instance, you don’t require a secretary just to answer and transfer the calls. Features like auto call answer, IVR, and auto call distribution will handle this front efficiently. Now, a lot can be done over a single click. No need to hire manpower for every menial task and spend on the training, salary, and other expenses.

2. Helping you to meet future needs

The virtual office is the future. Seeing the hassles and high-end investments involved in setting up an actual office has forced many businesses to consider work-from-home a viable option. This trend is more common in start-ups and small scale businesses. And there are many real-world examples where a start-up has earned the status of an enterprise soon after its inception just because of this work model only.

Moreover, setting up a virtual office in a prestigious city-based location like London has other benefits too. Businesses need to make a good impression and therefore if a company has a virtual office with a London address, this lets customers and clients know that a business is reputable and trustworthy. You can learn more about how to set up a virtual office in London by taking a look at some of the helpful resources on the Your Virtual Office London website. Above all, comparing a few different virtual office packages can help business owners to find the right office solutions for their needs.

While the virtual office is a trend, the enterprise phone system is what you need to make it happen. Only it has the resources that can make it happen.

3. Reaping the benefits of unified communication

We all know that if a business wants to have empowered communication with its customers, then it must leverage the utility of unified communication. The efficiency of the legacy landline phone system in offering voice and fax services is unmatched. However, it fails to cater to the demand of the latest breed of customers who demand more than this.

When a customer is trying to have internet-based unified communication experience, the traditional landline system fails big time. This is where cutting-edge VoIP service comes into the picture. Integrating all leading types of protocols and applications into your business phone system gives you an opportunity to cater to your customers’ needs in a way that they prefer.

It will make you efficient to initiate business communication using UC’s options like IMs live chat, chatbots, voicemails, website inquiry form, fax, and so on. The best part is that you can manage all these tools/applications from a single platform. There would be no juggling at all.

4. Better data management and accessibility

Data is a real asset for any business. The more efficiently you can manage your data, the better would be your success rate. Trust us; nothing can handle this task as effectively as a cloud-based enterprise phone system does.

It stores all your data over an easily accessible cloud space. Using any device/browser, you can access the data; you can share it with a single click, and create a back-up in no time. Hence, you will be able to handle your data with full perfection and fetch its maximum benefits.

5. Great compatibility

How can you dream of success when you are forced to miss an important business call just because you were not present on your desk for a moment? Having great accessibility to your business communication is very important if you want to earn an enterprise’s status.

Well, Internet telephony help at this front is very impressive as it comes with compatibility with all leading device types. You can transfer your landline calls to your mobile phone running on an Android or iOS device. Hence, you will have better accessibility. Your staff won’t be tethered to be one sort of device.

The Wise Advice

The list mentioned above clearly shows that using VoIP for business communication is indeed the best move that any business could ever make. However, it’s not always a fair deal.

There are some potential drawbacks as well.

If your VoIP service doesn’t come from a reputed house, you are likely to face jitters, poor call quality, latency, and data loss in silence.

So, your enterprise VoIP system must come directly from a trustworthy service provider like CallHippo. Try it for once, and you will realize why we backed it with so much confidence.

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