What causes dark spots on the tongue?

What causes dark spots on the tongue?

Alternatively, black spots on tongue could be a condition called hyperpigmentation. Pigmentation is what gives skin, hair and eyes their color, and excessive concentration of pigment in the tongue can result in harmless dark patches or spots, sometimes as a result of chemotherapy.

What does a spot on your tongue mean?

Tongue bumps are common, and there are many possible causes, including injuries, allergies, and infections. Although tongue bumps can feel strange and may cause concern, they are usually harmless. Some people with bumps on their tongue may worry about cancer, but oral cancers are relatively rare.

Can you get a bruise on your tongue?

Bleeding and swelling under the tongue is called a sublingual hematoma. It can happen after some kind of tooth surgery or implant. Or it can happen after a mouth or tongue injury. This problem can be very serious if the swelling increases and blocks your airway.

How do I get rid of a bruise on my tongue?

Apply a cold compress to the injured area for five minutes a few times a day. You can also suck on a piece of ice or fruit-flavored ice pop. Rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution after eating to ease pain and keep the wound clean.

Why is the skin peeling off my tongue?

If your tongue is peeling, it could be the result of damage to your tongue’s surface. It also might indicate an underlying condition such as oral thrush or geographic tongue. It could also be canker sores.

Can you pop a blood vessel on your tongue?

If you have a blood blister in your mouth, do not panic. Blood blisters cannot be eliminated with medication, but they can be treated to reduce swelling, pain, and risk of infection. Do not pop the blood blister; this can increase the risk of infection.

What does a tongue ulcer look like?

Some foods can also aggravate the tongue ulcer, especially those that are spicy or acidic. The ulcers themselves tend to be white and roundish. They are typically a few millimeters wide and appear slightly sunken. Some ulcers may have an area of redness around their outer ring, especially if something irritates them.

What are some causes of having a purple tongue?

Causes of Purple Tongue Foods and Beverages. The good news for most people is that the foods and drinks you consume are often the culprits when it comes to your purple tongue. Medications. If you’re taking a medication that contains bismuth, like Pepto-Bismol, then you might see a discoloration on your tongue. Circulation Issues. Vitamin B2 Deficiency. Bacteria. Varicose Veins.

What does a purple spot on your tongue mean?

A purple tongue or one with a blueish tint could indicate a problem with your health, from a vitamin deficiency to adrenal gland problem. It can also be a sign of insufficient oxygen in the blood, which is a medical emergency.

What are the small purple blisters under the tongue?

If you have tongue piercings, they could be behind dark purple marks on your tongue. This is because where you had piercing might lose its pigmentation leaving some dark spots or patches. The marks near a tongue piercing are not caused by the bruising during piercing process but also by the studs and jewelry you wear.

What causes purple bump on tongue?

Causes of a purple tongue Blood circulation problems. A purple or blue tongue could be a sign that your blood isn’t delivering enough oxygen to your body’s tissues. Vitamin B-2 deficiency. Vitamin B-2 – also known as riboflavin – is a water-soluble vitamin. Bacteria. Varicose veins. Addison’s disease. Certain medications. Tumors.

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