What causes prinzmetal angina?

What causes prinzmetal angina?

Prinzmetal’s angina. This type of angina is caused by a sudden spasm in a coronary artery, which temporarily narrows the artery. This narrowing reduces blood flow to your heart, causing severe chest pain. Prinzmetal’s angina most often occurs at rest, typically overnight. Attacks tend to occur in clusters.

How is prinzmetal’s angina treated?

Drugs such as calcium antagonists and nitrates are the mainstays of treatment. The spasms tend to come in cycles – appearing for a time, then going away. After six to 12 months of treatment, doctors may gradually reduce the medication.

What does the ECG shows in prinzmetal angina?

Electrocardiography is the key to diagnosing vasospastic angina. ECG changes demonstrate transient ST-segment elevation during episodes of chest pain, which elevation resolves when the pain settles. ST-segment elevation represents transmural myocardial ischemia and is accompanied by reciprocal ST depressions.

Is prinzmetal angina and unstable angina same?

Unstable angina occurs suddenly and worsens over time. Variant angina (Prinzmetal) – occurs at rest without any underlying coronary artery disease. It is typically due to an abnormal narrowing or spasm of the blood vessels which reduces blood flow to the heart. It can often be relieved by medication.

Is prinzmetal angina curable?

Prinzmetal angina is an uncommon condition that produces angina due to spasm in a coronary artery. While Prinzmetal angina can sometimes lead to severe consequences (especially in smokers or people who abuse cocaine or amphetamines), it can usually be treated very successfully once the correct diagnosis is made.

What are the symptoms of Prinzmetal angina?

The main symptom of Prinzmetal’s variant angina is recurring episodes of chest pain (angina) that usually occur when a person is at rest, during bedtime hours (around midnight to 8am). Some people report feeling “discomfort” rather than “pain.” In some people, pain may spread to the neck, jaw, shoulder, or arm.

How is prinzmetal angina diagnosed?

Prinzmetal’s variant angina (PVA) is a form of angina caused by coronary-artery vasospasm (CAS) and is not associated with exertion. It is diagnosed by history, electrocardiogram, or coronary-artery angiography.

What does prinzmetal angina feel like?

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