What did Laura send Val in Unfriended?

What did Laura send Val in Unfriended?

When they both protest their innocence, Laura makes herself known in the form of billie227. She sends Val an explicit picture of herself on Snapchat and makes threats against her that Blaire is unable to see.

Who killed in Unfriended?

Unfriended (2014) Val Rommel – Committed suicide by drinking bleach under Laura’s control. Ken Smith – Hand and throat shredded by Laura with a broken blender. Adam Sewell – Committed suicide by shooting himself in the face under Laura’s control. Jess Felton – Curling iron shoved down her throat by Laura.

Who killed Laura in Unfriended?

She returns for revenge as a malevolent spirit or possibly a demon one year later. She is portrayed by Heather Sossaman….

Laura Barns
Species Human (1996-2013) Malevolent Spirit/Demon (2013-present)
Hometown Fresno, California
Date of Death April 12, 2013 (aged 17)
Cause of Death Suicide (Shot herself in the head)

Will there be a Unfriended 3?

Third part of ‘Eliminado’ (Unfriended) movie collection. Plot kept under wraps. Premiere in 2023. In 2018, Metro reported that Stephen Susco had shown interest in a third film “Unfriended,” while expanding Timur Bekmambetov’s Screen Life genre of which the Dark Web is a part.

Who is Laura Barns in the movie Unfriended?

Laura Barns (February 12, 1996 – April 12, 2013) is the main antagonist of the film Unfriended. She was a high school student who committed suicide by shooting herself in the head on April 8, 2013, after an embarrassing video was posted online by her friends. She returns for revenge as a malevolent spirit or possibly a demon one year later.

When did Laura from the Outsiders commit suicide?

On April 12, 2013, Laura had enough of the cyberbullying and decided to commit suicide in a public area by shooting herself. Her suicide deeply affected everyone who knew her and witnessed it and her Facebook account became a memorial and dedication page.

What did Laura do to Val in Unfriended?

After Val calls 911, Laura sends a threat and a screen grab that implicates Val in Laura’s suicide, she forces her to drink bleach. Val’s mirror is also broken, implying Laura may also have forced her to cut herself with broken pieces of the mirror; Val’s death is concluded as a suicide by the police.

Who is the villain in the movie Unfriended?

Laura Barns, also known as Billie227′;’, is the main antagonist of the 2015 horror film Unfriended. Her past self, the female 911 voice operator, and her vengeful spirit are portrayed and voiced by Heather Sossaman.

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