What do baby lemon sharks eat?

What do baby lemon sharks eat?

This shark’s diet consists primarily of fish, though they will feed on crustaceans and other small marine creatures. They will also cannibalize smaller lemon sharks, and feed on young sharks of any species small enough to eat. Rather than feeding indiscriminately, this species will target specific types of fish.

How aggressive is a lemon shark?

Lemon sharks are a non-aggressive species, not prone to biting unless provoked or threatened. There have only been 22 reported instances of a lemon shark biting a person, and zero fatalities. They grow up to roughly ten feet in length, and get their name from the yellowish tinge to their skin.

What is the predator of a lemon shark?

The adult lemon shark has no known predators. Some other shark species will prey on baby lemon sharks, but those same species will not pursue adults.

Where does a baby lemon shark live in the Bahamas?

HIDDEN away in a mangrove forest on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, this baby lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris) will spend the first few years of its life searching for food in the small area of underwater foliage where it was born, and learning the ropes to boost its chances of surviving into adulthood.

How big can a lemon shark pup get?

Though adult lemon sharks can grow to 3 metres, newborn pups are only about 7 centimetres in size, allowing them to live comfortably among the mangroves. By monitoring lemon sharks for decades, researchers have found that females will return to the same place they were born to breed.

How does a lemon shark survive in salt water?

Mangroves are the only trees that can grow in salt water. Their intricate roots provide ideal places for fish to hide from predators – and a safe nursery for lemon shark pups, which must fend for themselves from the moment they are born.

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