What does dang it mean?

What does dang it mean?

US, informal. —used to show that one is angry or annoyed.

Is Dang it a bad word?

As an expletive, it’s a nonsense word with no meaning, thus not offensive. Dang is nothing but a nonsense word with no meaning except that produced by its habitual use as an expletive. Thus is it not offensive.

What is Dang in chat?

a euphemistic word for damn (sense 1), damn (sense 2), damn (sense 3), damn (sense 4)

Why do we use Dang?

used to express anger: Dang, I broke the glass! used, especially when you are annoyed, to mean “very”: He knows dang well I can’t swim.

What kind of word is Dang?

Dang can be a verb, an interjection or an adjective.

What’s another word for Dang?

Dang Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for dang?

extremely really
outstandingly utterly
plumb darned
quite bloody
to a great extent strikingly

What are words like Dang called?


  • confound it.
  • cripes.
  • damn it.
  • dang.
  • darnation.
  • doggone.
  • drat.
  • gosh-darn.

What is the meaning of Dang girl?

saying “dang girl” means that she is very attractive, however, using this expression is very informal. the phrase is a bit trashy.

What does gosh-darn it mean?

They translate as the much more forceful “God damn it to hell!” The euphemistic phrase honors old taboos while enabling users to let off emotional steam without much risk of upsetting people with delicate sensibilities.

What does the name Dang mean?

Name Dang generally means Lovely Cowherd or Lord Krishna, is of Sanskrit , Indian origin, Name Dang is a Masculine (or Boy) name.

What does Dang mean?

The origin of the name of the Dang is uncertain. In common parlance the word ‘dang’ means a hilly village. There is another connotation of the word ‘dang’ which means bamboo (a place of bamboo).

What does the name dangg mean?

Chinese : The surname Dang comes from a branch of the ruling family of the Zhou dynasty (1122-221 bc) that spread to the state of Jin and the state of Lu. The character now also means ‘political party’.

What’s the meaning of “Dang It”?

Wiktionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: dang it(Interjection) An expression used to show displeasure. Sometimes considered very mildly profane. A less emphatic, less profane version of damnit.

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