What does I will pass mean?

What does I will pass mean?

: to be acceptable The work isn’t perfect, but it will pass.

What does to pass on something mean?

transitive to give someone something that someone else has given you. When you’ve read this message, please pass it on. pass something on to someone: I’ll pass these clothes on to my nephew when my lads have outgrown them.

Can I pass on this one meaning?

Let’s pass on this one – means let’s call this one a ‘pass’ (see above) and move on to the next one. Let’s pass this one – means lets move on to the next one.

Will pass this on to?

to tell someone something that another person has told you: That’s good news – I’ll pass it on to the rest of the team.

What is another word for pass on?

Alternate Synonyms for “pass on”: impart; leave; tell. advance; progress; move on; march on; go on; travel; go; move; locomote. bequeath; will; leave. relegate; submit; subject.

Which Bible verse says this too shall pass?

2 Corinthians 4: 17-18
-Strength for Today- “And This Too Shall Pass” 2 Corinthians 4: 17-18.

What is the meaning of I will pass this on?

I’ll pass that on”. Clearly, as soon as I have some information in this regard, I will pass it on to you, as I have done in the past. ” One day, I will pass them on to my son”.

What’s the meaning of’i’ll pass’in bridge?

Derived from card games, where you pass on the opportunity to take more cards or raise your bid. , Lover of books and enjoy reading, esp nonfiction. Pass here means, move to the next person. In a bridge game, you do not have a hand worth bidding, you pass. In a Bank they issue a ‘pass book’ that passes between the banker and the customer.

When do you say ” I’ll pass ” in a game?

It refers to games where players take turns, as in card games where each player is offered an opportunity to discard cards and draw new ones, or to up the ante in betting. When the player can say “I’ll pass” to move on to the next player. The same applies to any situation where people take turns,…

What does it mean to pass something on to someone?

pass someone on (to someone) to send, hand, or conduct a person to someone else. I passed the baby on to the next admiring relative. She passed on the baby to her aunt. pass something on. 1. Lit. to hand or give something (to another person).

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