What does it mean to be up to the challenge?

What does it mean to be up to the challenge?

phrase. If someone rises to the challenge, they act in response to a difficult situation which is new to them and are successful.

What is the word for up for a challenge?

1. vb accost, arouse, beard, brave, call out, call (someone’s) bluff, claim, confront, dare, defy, demand, dispute, face off (slang) impugn, investigate, object to, provoke, question, require, stimulate, summon, tackle, tax, test, throw down the gauntlet, try.

Is it up for the challenge or up to the challenge?

Being up to the job, or up to the task (see Keith’s post), is common enough to be considered an idiom. Therefore the same construction with “challenge” is very idiomatic too. Being “up for a challenge” is perfectly good English, but it’s not an idiom in the same way.

What is the meaning of up to something?

Filters. (idiomatic) Doing something mischievous or scheming. He seems like an angel on the surface, but I can tell he’s up to something. adjective.

How do you rise to a challenge?

When it comes to facing that new challenge, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you rise to the occasion.

  1. Adopt a bias toward action.
  2. Negotiate the conditions for success.
  3. Remember that human beings do this.
  4. Keep your wits about you.
  5. Don’t take things personally.
  6. Relate it to something you know.
  7. Keep going.

Why did she face a bigger challenge than most?

Answer: She faced a ‘bigger challenge’ than most as she was profoundly deaf and was yet joining a music academy. Evelyn Glennie’s loss of hearing had been gradual. Her mother remembers noticing something was wrong when the eight-year-old Evelyn was waiting to play the piano.

What is the opposite of a challenge?

Opposite of a call for someone to compete. surrender. capitulation. acquiescence. submission.

What is a challenge word?

A challenge is something that puts you to the test — like running your first marathon or reading War and Peace. Challenge, as a verb, is derived from a Latin word meaning “to accuse falsely,” and it is still used much as it was in the 13th century, in the sense of questioning whether something is true or right.

Are you up for it meaning?

“Are you up for it?” means, “Do you want to do it?” or “Are you willing to do it?” •”Are you up to it?” can also mean something similar but it also implies, “Are you able to do it?” while the other does not.

Are you up for the challenge synonym?

What is another word for take up the challenge?

put up your fists make a stand
put up a fight square up
stand your ground take up the gauntlet

What I’m up to meaning?

well enough, strong enough, or good enough to do something. She’s supposed to leave the hospital tomorrow, but I don’t think she’s up to it. He’s not really up to the job. up to doing something: I don’t think I’m up to doing a ten-mile walk.

What are you up to today?

What does “what are you up to today” mean? “What are you up to today” means “what are your plans today.” Thus, it is often interpreted as an implicit invitation to do something for the day.

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