What does surge mean in a centrifugal compressor?

What does surge mean in a centrifugal compressor?

( January 2019) Compressor surge is a form of aerodynamic instability in axial compressors or centrifugal compressors. The term describes violent air flow oscillating in the axial direction of a compressor, which indicates the axial component of fluid velocity varies periodically and may even become negative.

When does a compressor surge occur in a GFB?

To the turbo, compressor surge is a condition that occurs whenever turbo boost pressure is high and airflow is low. GFB Discussion Paper The Truth About Compressor Surge Figure 1 is a typical turbo compressor map. The vertical axis is labelled “pressure ratio”, but for this explanation it may be more convenient to think of it as boost pressure.

Can a compressor surge cause turbo bearing wear?

Since the turbo is actually making significant boost, is at high RPM, and the pressure is fluctuating wildly because of the surge, these conditions do have the potential to cause greatly accelerated turbo bearing wear and/or damage to the compressor wheel. The next level down in severity is having no diverter valve of any type.

Which is the best valve for compressor surge control?

Compressor Surge Control: Hot Gas Recycle Valve Although the anti-surge valve (ASV) is the chief protector, in brownfield projects, often the ASV becomes inadequate to deal with a compressor surge due to the addition of new compressors in parallel or series (e.g., booster compressors), change of plant piping or change of vapor composition.

What’s the difference between deep surge and mild surge?

Compressor surge with negative mass flow rates is considered as deep surge while the one without reverse flows is generally termed mild surge. On a performance map, the stable operating range of a compressor is limited by the surge line.

Can a compressor stall before a surge occurs?

Stall is often evident in one stage of a compressor and it might occur even before surge does. However, a surge may not occur in all cases since multistage compressors are capable of showing increased head at a reduction of flow in the face of a stall in one of its stages.

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