What flag is white with red cross?

What flag is white with red cross?

flag of Switzerland
The Swiss flag. The flag of Switzerland consists of a symmetric white cross on red background (Figure 3A), and represents just one of two square-shaped national flags in the world (the other being the Vatican State) [2].

What is a white cross with red background?

The flag of Switzerland (German: Schweizerfahne; French: drapeau de la Suisse; Italian: bandiera svizzera; Romansh: bandiera de la Svizra) displays a white cross in the centre of a square red field. The white cross is known as the Swiss cross. Its arms are equilateral, and their ratio of length to width is 7:6.

What flag has a white X?

Flag of Scotland
Flag of Scotland. flag of a constituent unit of the United Kingdom, flown subordinate to the Union Jack, that consists of a blue field (background) bearing a white saltire (diagonal cross) that extends to the flag corners; this type of emblem is known as the Cross of St. Andrew (after the patron saint of Scotland).

What does a black and white flag with a red cross mean?

Jacques de Vitry, writing in the 1220s, mentions the gonfanon baucent and explains that the black and white colours symbolise the Templar’s ferocity towards their enemies and their kindness towards their friends. It appears that later in the 13th century, the red cross of the Templar could be added to the banner.

Why is the English flag red and white?

In 1188, red and white crosses were chosen to identify English and French troops in the Kings Crusade of Henry II of England and Phillip II of France. There is a historiographical tradition claiming that Richard the Lionheart adopted both the flag and the patron saint from Genoa during his crusade.

What’s a white cross?

a synthetic colourless volatile liquid used medicinally as the white crystalline sulphate, mainly for its stimulant action on the central nervous system, although it also stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. It can have unpleasant or dangerous side effects and drug dependence can occur; 1-phenyl-2-aminopropane.

What does the white cross mean?

Its name was symbolic: White denoted purity, Cross referred to the campaign being for Christ, and Army reflected its disciplined nature. It adopted as its motto the words of Sir Galahad: My strength is as the strength of ten, Because my heart is pure. The army based its structure on that of the temperance movement.

What does a white cross on a black background mean?

The Cornish Flag, the Flag Of St Piran (white cross on a black background) represents white tin flowing from the black rock, or good overcoming evil.

What flag has white X?

The Saltire. The Flag of Scotland is a white X-shaped cross, which represents the cross of the patron saint of Scotland , Saint Andrew on a blue sky. The flag is called the Saltire or the Saint Andrew’s Cross.

What flag has a white background?

The flag of the United Kingdom (also known as the Union Jack) has incorporated the St George’s Cross from the English flag to a major degree. The St Patrick’s Cross (a red “x” on a white background) has also been used to indicate the merger of the Kingdom of Great Britain with the Kingdom of Ireland.

What is significance of a white flag?

The white flag is an internationally recognized protective sign of truce or ceasefire, and request for negotiation. It is also used to symbolize surrender, since it is often the weaker party which requests negotiation.

Is red on or white top of Texas flag?

Center row has white colour and red colour is present in both top and bottom of the flag. This flag was adopted in 7 Dec. 1943.

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