What fluting means?

What fluting means?

1 : a series of flutes the fluting of a column. 2 : fluted material.

What is the difference between fluting and reeding?

Reeding consists of rounded convex ridges similar to gadrooning. Fluting consists of concave channels or grooves.

Are you fluting meaning?

(fluːtɪŋ ) adjective. If you describe someone’s voice as fluting, you mean that it goes up and down a lot, and usually that it is high pitched.

What is fluting in interior design?

Fluting is a truly ancient technique used in architecture. Fluting is usually a series of shallow grooves that run across a surface, creating a pleasing play of light. Typically, this effect might have been used to make columns seem perfectly round, thinner and more elegant.

What is a fluting mountaineering?

Word of the day: “fluting” – graceful vertical grooves of ice marking steep mountain faces, typically formed by action of sun and meltwater.

What are the grooves in a pillar called?

Typically, the term ‘fluting’ refers to the grooves found on a column shaft or pilaster. Fluting features prominently in classical architecture; used in the columns of all the classical orders other the Tuscan.

What is fluting in woodwork?

A fluted work piece adds class and distinction to any project. This jig makes it a breeze to layout flutes. Two slots along each side of the base allow the guide bars to slide along the bottom of the jig once the hardware is added. These slots are easy to make with a straight bit in the router table.

What is Wall fluting?

Fluting is a type of molding finish where half round, or rounded pieces of molding are repeated over and over. We’ve seen slat walls take the DIY world by storm over the last few years, this is the more refined version of that. Fluted walls/furniture/etc.

What is fluted design?

Fluting in architecture consists of shallow grooves running along a surface. The term typically refers to the grooves running vertically on a column shaft or a pilaster, but need not necessarily be restricted to those two applications.

Which is the best definition of the word fluting?

Definition of fluting 1 : a series of flutes the fluting of a column 2 : fluted material Examples of fluting in a Sentence

When do you use fluting and reeding in architecture?

Fluting and reeding, also called gadrooning, in architectural decoration, surfaces worked into a regular series of (vertical) concave grooves or convex ridges, frequently used on columns. In Classical architecture fluting and reeding are used in the columns of all the orders except the Tuscan.

What do you mean by high pitched fluting?

This was no high-pitched fluting from aliens deprived of their sport, but a hissing nightmare cry. As he moved, a bit of gilt fluting dipped forward out of the gloom of the chimney-corner. The fluting of the Doric column will thus be finished in the style appropriate to it.

Which is the best description of marginal fluting?

‘The marginal fluting of the septa consists mainly of backward pointing tubes in a dendritic pattern that form buttresses resembling columnal arches of Gothic churches.’ ‘However, the more complexly the marginal fluting, the better is the anchorage of the soft tissue to the buoyant conch.’

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