What happened to Pandemic Studios?

What happened to Pandemic Studios?

Pandemic Studios, LLC was an American video game developer based in Westwood, Los Angeles….Pandemic Studios.

Type Subsidiary
Founders Andrew Goldman Josh Resnick
Defunct November 17, 2009
Fate Dissolved
Headquarters Westwood, Los Angeles , US

Does EA own pandemic?

Pandemic Studios was an American video game development studio based in Los Angeles, CA, and Brisbane, Australia. On October 11, 2007, Pandemic Studios and its sister company BioWare were both acquired by Electronic Arts through EA’s purchases of VG Holding Corp.

Who owns the rights to the saboteur?

The Saboteur
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts Hands-On Mobile (iOS, BlackBerry)
Director(s) Trey Watkins Cameron Brown
Producer(s) Phil Hong
Designer(s) Tom French

How long is the saboteur game?

15 hours
Saboteur is a big game — I played 15 hours and finished about 75 percent of the main and side missions. You get rewarded for going out and destroying the hundreds and hundreds of Nazi guard towers, tanks and miscellany that dot the landscape.

Who made destroy all humans?

Black Forest Games
Black Forest Games GmbH
Destroy All Humans!/Developers

Who owns rights to destroy all humans?

Nordic Games
In 2013, Nordic Games, now known as THQ Nordic, purchased the rights to Destroy All Humans! among other IPs for $4.9 million.

Is pandemic a studio?

Electronic Arts has closed the door on its game developer unit Pandemic Studios. EA shut down Pandemic as a separate unit on Tuesday, laying off 200 employees, according to published reports, but moving a small core team to EA’s Los Angeles headquarters.

What studios have EA shutdown?

EA shut down Visceral Games on October 17, 2017. The studio was most famous for bringing life to the Dead Space franchise. While this news came as a shock to many, it’s nothing new. This is just one in a long list of studios EA bought and then shut down over nearly 20 years.

Who voices Sean in the saboteur?

Robin Atkin Downes is the voice of Sean Devlin in The Saboteur.

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