What happened to Willa Holland?

What happened to Willa Holland?

Following her exit as a series regular on The CW show, Holland missed all of season 7 and only appeared in two episodes of the eighth and final season. She teamed up with Oliver early in the season, and made her final appearance in the Arrow series finale, where she returned for Oliver’s funeral.

Is Willa Holland and Tom Holland related?

Willa Holland was born in the USA (Los Angeles) in 1991. What about the British actor Tom Holland, who became famous after the role of Spider-Man, he isn’t related to the American actress – they just have the same surname.

How old is Willa Holland?

30 years (June 18, 1991)
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Is Willa Holland still acting?

Holland originally left “Arrow” during Season 6. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim told Entertainment Weekly that Holland asked for a reduced role to have “some more time for herself[.]” Despite the fact that she returned in a recurring role for the show’s final season, it seems that she has done exactly that.

How old is Thea on Arrow?

Thea Queen Full Name Thea Dearden Queen also known as Speedy was Born January 21, 1995 in Starling City Currently known as Star City is The Daughter of Malcolm Merlyn and the late Moira Queen. She is also The Step Daughter of the late Robert Queen, Rebecca Merlyn and The Former Step Daughter of Walter Steele.

Who is the mother of Willa Holland?

Holland was born in Los Angeles, to cinematographer Keith Holland and actress Darnell Gregorio-De Palma. Her mother was remarried to director Brian De Palma from 1995-97.

Who is the voice actress Willa chance Holland?

Willa Joanna Chance Holland (born June 18, 1991) is an American actress, voice actress and model.

Who is Willa chance Holland in Gossip Girl?

Mini Bio (1) Willa Joanna Chance Holland (born June 18, 1991) is an American actress, voice actress and model. She is known for her role as Kaitlin Cooper in the FOX teen drama The O.C., Agnes Andrews in The CW series Gossip Girl and, most recently, Thea Queen / Speedy in Arrow.

Who was Willa Holland in the movie Garden Party?

In December 2007, Holland was cast in the independent drama film Garden Party, playing the role of April, a troubled teenage aspiring model who tries to make it in Los Angeles.

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