What is a scan-based trading vendor?

What is a scan-based trading vendor?

Scan-Based Trading (SBT) is defined as the process where suppliers maintain ownership of inventory within the EXCHANGE stores until items are scanned at the register (Point of Sale). Only products delivered directly to the EXCHANGE stores are eligible for SBT.

What does scan mean in retail?

Scan Back (Scans) These are promotional events where the discount on a product is taken at the point of sale to the end consumer.

What is scan-based training?

(Learn how and when to remove this template message) Scan-based trading (SBT) is the process where suppliers maintain ownership of inventory within retailers’ warehouses or stores until items are scanned at the point of sale.

What is SBT shrink?

Under an SBT distribution model, shrink is typically split evenly between the retailer and supplier, a relationship that benefits retailers who bear 100% of the cost of shrink in a traditional distribution scenario.

What is scan-based billing?

Scan-Based Billing allows UPS to assess the shipment after it has been processed, which means any accessorials and surcharges a shipment receives will be included on the invoices containing the freight charge.

What is a scan deal?

deal-the scan-back-that gives retailers a discount on units sold during the promotion rather. than on units bought.

What is OI in retail?

OI or Off Invoice: This term is used to describe how a given promotion or discount is given. OI means that the manufacturer gives the discounts off the invoice. Price Protections: This term is used when a price increase is taken and a negotiation happens that delays when the retailer will take the given price increase.

How does pay by scan work?

What is pay-by-scan? It is a distribution system that allows suppliers to allocate inventory into retail selling sites, maintain the product and replenish as needed. Ownership of the product does not transfer until the customer actually creates the transaction at the cash register.

Is UPS Billing Center Free?

The UPS Billing Center is a free service offered to our valued customers.

How does UPS billing work?

Bill Payment Card – UPS bills shipping charges to a payment card (available when creating a shipment on ups.com or when using a UPS shipping document). *UPS accepts shipments for Collect and Third Party billing as long as the receiver or third party has a valid UPS account number and has agreed to accept the charges.

How does a scan back work?

In marketing, a scan-back allowance is an amount paid by a manufacturer to retailers based on the amount of the product sold at a special reduced price for a specified length of time.

What are off shelf promotions?

An off-shelf promotion implies that the exposure is now somewhere else as well. One way to do this is a “shipper”, or floor display, that holds several dozen units of your item, either one, or an assortment.

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