What is Combini?

What is Combini?

n. A small retail store that is open long hours and that typically sells staple groceries, snacks, and beverages.

What is konbini Japan?

Konbini (Japanese convenience stores) are one-stop shops that grace every corner of every Japanese street, shining like a beacon of hope in the dead of night and wee hours of the morning when everything else is closed.

How many Combini are in Japan?

50,000 convenience stores
More than 50,000 convenience stores, known as konbini, can be found across Japan. Strong competition between the major operators, such as Seven Eleven, Family Mart and Lawson, constantly produces new innovative products and services and makes Japanese convenience stores truly convenient.

Why is Japanese convenience store food healthy?

It’s hygienic. No matter where you eat in Japan, you probably don’t have to worry about food cleanliness, and that includes convenience stores. Strict health and safety standards at any food processing facility ensure that your prepackaged combini food is free of contaminants and harmful bacteria.

What should I buy in konbini?

At a konbini you can purchase tickets for concerts, museums, theme parks etc. all in one place. Often, there are even special discounts when purchasing a tickets at a konbini, and sometimes certain tickets can only be bought at a konbini.

What should I buy in Konbini?

What do cashiers say in Japan?

After paying, the cashier will ask you if you want your receipt. They ask this because in Japan, many people don’t take the receipt. To answer yes, then just say “Hai, onegaishimasu” (はい、おねがいします) Which means “Yes, please”. And to answer no, then say “Daijobu desu” (大丈夫です) which means “No, thank you”.

What are the top 10 products sold at convenience stores in Japan?

10 Items to Buy from Japanese 7-Eleven Convenience Stores

  • Onigiri. Source: cialiscanadacheap9r.com.
  • Egg Sandwich. Source: www.splendidtable.org.
  • Yakisoba Bun. Source: www.wattention.com.
  • Bento Sets.
  • Instant Ippudo Ramen.
  • Fried Karaage.
  • Coffee Cream Treat.
  • Mochifuwa Pancake.

Why are convenience stores so popular?

From the proximity of the pumps or parking spots to the inside shop counter, it allows for a fast and easy transaction for all parties involved. For this reason, convenience stores are a popular choice for travelers – it is one of the quickest transaction times on average.

What can you do in a konbini?

Printing, photocopying, scanning and faxing can all be done from the convenience of a konbini.

Where did the term konbini convenience store come from?

The term konbini (or combini) is an apocope as the Japanese language likes them, taken from the English expression “convenience store”. Open 24/7/365, they simply don’t close a single minute in the year. Yes, even during Golden Week. The phenomenon landed in Japan during the late ’60s.

Where to get the best Konbini in Japan?

Anime fans, as well as carb-lovers, will be drawn to Lawson, as the konbini also has exclusive rights to sell tickets for the Studio Ghibli Museum. Konbini food is one of the most convenient options when you get the munchies. Satisfy your cravings for Japanese food at any time of the day.

When did Lawson start using Konbini in offices?

In July 2017, Lawson started to establish mini- konbini directly in companies’ offices, on a 1m² surface. About one thousand are expected to be installed by the end of March 2018. The same Lawson has tested in the beginning of 2018 a konbini system without staff, where customers can pay with their smartphones.

Is there a Konbini in Omotesando, Tokyo?

In 2018, from September 21 to 30, the famous luxury brand Cartier opened a “pop-up konbini ” named Juste un Clou in Omotesando, the high-end district in Tokyo. The products sold where classic, but not their prices: ¥900 (~US$8.12 for a coffee or ¥1,080 (~US$9.74) for a donut.

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