What is LUFS audio?

What is LUFS audio?

LUFS stands for Loudness Unit Full Scale, which references Loudness Units to full scale (i.e., the maximum level a system can handle). In a nutshell, Loudness Units are the unit of measurement used in the process of quantifying a piece of music’s perceived loudness by analyzing the average level over time.

What is Waves WLM?

Waves WLM Overview The WLM Plus Loudness Meter from Waves is a plug-in that provides precision loudness measurement and metering for broadcast, movie trailers, games, packaged media and more.

What is LUFS in DB?

LUFS – Loudness units relative to Full Scale. This is a loudness standard designed to enable normalization of audio levels. Loudness Units (or LU) is an additional unit. It describes loudness without direct absolute reference and therefore describes loudness level differences.

Which is louder or LUFS?

LUFS stands for loudness units relative to full scale, while LKFS stands for Loudness, K-weighted, relative to full scale. If your track is louder than -12 LUFS, Spotify will reduce the gain of your track to play it back at a lower level.

How loud is Soundcloud master?

Although there is no absolute loudness to which you should master your track, a great range when mastering for Soundcloud is -18 LUFS to -10 LUFS. Keep in mind that Soundcloud will normalize your track to -14 LUFS, so keeping the loudness around this figure will work well.

How loud should my master be?

How loud should your master be? Shoot for about -23 LUFS for a mix, or -6db on an analog meter. For mastering, -14 LUFS is the best level for streaming, as it will fit the loudness targets for the majority of streaming sources. With these targets, you’re good to go!

What is a true peak limiter?

A true peak meter can show us inter-sample peak values; a true peak limiter can pick them out and make sure they don’t clip. Loudness specs for post-production and broadcast usually come with a strict requirement that the program is mixed to true peak levels—not just sample peak levels.

What volume should I mix at?

I recommend mixing at -23 dB LUFS, or having your peaks be between -18dB and -3dB. This will allow the mastering engineer the opportunity to process your song, without having to resort to turning it down.

How loud is a mastered song?

How many LUFS is too loud?

Loudness Targets For Streaming Platforms Chart

Platform Peak Loudness
Spotify Loud -2.0 dBTP -11 LUFS
Youtube -1.0 dBTP -13 to -15 LUFS
Deezer -1.0 dBTP -14 to -16 LUFS
CD -0.1 dBTP > -9 LUFS

What is the WLM loudness meter plugin for?

The Waves WLM Loudness Meter plug-in provides precision loudness measurement and metering for broadcast, movie trailers, games, packaged media and more.

Who is the creator of the WLM speakers?

Gröfler, master cabinet maker, is responsible for anything mechanical, in particular loudspeaker enclosure production. Last but not least, there is Martin Schützenauer, developer of WLM speakers and peak athlete, multiple Olympian and silver medalist bobsledder.

Is the WLM La Scala a good audio system?

On tonal integration, the La Scala is well balanced without hot spots, at least when you don’t screw up deliberately. Leash up an overly warm tube amp, back off the treble control by 3dB and extend the spikes to a full 6cm and sure, you’ll be at hello with ponderous girth.

What do you need to know about the WLM plus?

Fully compliant with all current ITU, EBU and ATSC specifications, the WLM Plus offers comprehensive Momentary, Short Term, Long Term and True Peak readouts, as well as a unique warning and logging system that keeps track of your levels, alerting you when you’ve exceeded them – or fallen short.

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