What is Oracle BI?

What is Oracle BI?

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) is a portfolio of technology and applications that provides the industry’s first integrated, end-to-end Enterprise Performance Management System, including BI foundation and tools – integrated array of query, reporting, analysis, alerting, mobile analytics, data integration and …

What is Oracle BI 12c?

Oracle Business Intelligence 12c is a unique platform that enables customers to uncover new insights and make faster, more informed business decisions by offering agile visual analytics and self-service discovery together with best-in-class enterprise analytics.

How do I check Oracle BI version?

Perhaps the easiest way for most people to find the version is to use the “Help” menu in the Analytics Presentation Service. To do this, click on the “Help” menu, and then click on “About Oracle BI EE”. A new window will appear and will display the OBIEE version. There’s the version info!

What is Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus?

Oracle Business Intelligence Server The foundation of the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus platform is a true BI server that is designed to be highly scalable, optimizing concurrency and parallelism to make the value of BI applications available to the largest possible audience.

What is Oracle Data Integrator used for?

Oracle Data Integrator is a comprehensive data integration platform that covers all data integration requirements: from high-volume, high-performance batch loads, to event-driven, trickle-feed integration processes, to SOA-enabled data services.

When was Obiee released?

22 May New Oracle release: OBIEE 11.1. 1.9. 0 version.

What is the difference between tableau and Obiee?

OBIEE is strong in data source connectivity and data management aspects, whereas Tableau is strong in data visualization and self-service capabilities. Hence, it is good to connect Tableau to OBIEE with connectors like BI Connector for leveraging the best of both OBIEE and Tableau!

Which is the latest version of Oracle Business Intelligence?

Java Developers Kit 8 (JDK8) 2. Web Logic Server 3. Oracle Business Intelligence 12c ( When upgrading Oracle Business Intelligence from a previous 12c release to, you might find that the pre-upgrade readiness check fails.

What is the version of Oracle BI Publisher?

Oracle BI Publisher Desktop for 64 bit Office on Windows (240 MB) Choose the BI Publisher Desktop based on your version of Microsoft Office 32 bit or 64 bit Sample Audit & Usage Reports Sample reports to view Audit table data for BI Publisher Reports, Catalog Objects and to get insight on Report Usage.

Which is the latest version of Oracle Fusion?

The documentation is part of Oracle® Fusion Applications Technology Online Documentation Library 11g Release 1 (11.1.3). This release is available only for customers using Oracle Fusion Applications 11g Release 1 (11.1.2). The documentation is part of Oracle® Fusion Applications Technology Online Documentation Library 11g Release 1 (11.1.2).

What are the benefits of an Oracle BI application?

Oracle BI Applications are built on the Oracle BI Foundation, a comprehensive and market leading BI platform. This enables organizations to realize the value of a packaged BI application, such as rapid deployment, lower TCO, and built-in best practices, all on one common BI Foundation.

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