What is shadow rise weak to?

What is shadow rise weak to?

The Shadow has no strengths or weaknesses, so any means of inflicting damage at this point will suffice. After about a third of Shadow Rise’s HP has been depleted, she’ll start using Mind Slice, which may cause confusion, but it shouldn’t be much a problem.

What does Chies shadow represent?

Writer Patrick Hayes stated that her Shadow “represents her desire to maintain dominance over Yukiko in their relationship as well as her jealousy of Yukiko’s feminine qualities and skills.” In the designing of the character, various sketches were made with some of them being reminiscent to previous Persona characters.

Can Persona users have a shadow?

The Shadow Selves seen in the game are made from regular shadows being forcibly merged together. Eventually an endless swarm of normal shadows is unleashed on the persona users once the Malevolent Entity no longer needs them.

What is shadow Naoto weakness?

Strategy. It is advisable to cross-fuse the Persona Tam Lin before engaging Naoto (the protagonist must be at least level 53 first), as it has no weakness to any element and its Ziodyne skill inflicts extra damage on her (no knockdown).

What level is RISE’s shadow?

Your Party should be around Level 33-38 (probably level 40 before Shadow Teddie) before trying to fight Shadow Rise to make things easier. Shadow Rise always begins with Fire spells, so if you brought Chie along, have her Guard as much as necessary.

Can you beat rises shadow?

Beating Shadow Rise in Persona 4 Golden Since Shadow Rise has no particular strengths or weaknesses, just focus on using your strongest physical attacks and magic spells. Once her health is down, she’ll use a move called Supreme Insight, and from this point on, you won’t be able to damage her at all.

What level should you be for Shadow Chie?

Level 12-15
It is recommended that you reach Level 12-15 on Normal Difficulty before fighting this boss. A Fire-resistant Persona is useful in this battle, as well. Shadow Yukiko will use Burn to Ashes after the party takes a turn. Use this chance to guard Chie from being knocked down.

What does Shadow Yosuke represent?

Shadow Yosuke, like the rest of the shadows to come, represents the reverse of his Arcana, the Magician. The reversed Magician represents one with power, but who is cruel and misuses that power. Shadow Yosuke has the power of insight into Yosuke’s motives, but uses that power to mock and humiliate him.

Can stand users see Personas?

Sure. In actual canon… well stands are psychic manifestations, so if persona-users can perceive them, then probably.

What level boss is Naoto?

1) Level 55 makes the boss pretty easy, if you use the right strategy.

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