What is Spreeder CX?

What is Spreeder CX?

Your super-productive “speed e-reader”. Spreeder uses the latest advancements in RSVP technology to make your reading experience super productive. Tune Spreeder and make it perfect for your reading style. Everything is adjustable and all your settings are saved in your cloud account.

How do you stop Subvocalization?

5 Ways To Reduce Subvocalization

  1. 5 Ways To Reduce Subvocalization. Use Your Hand To Guide Your Eyes While Reading.
  2. Use Your Hand To Guide Your Eyes While Reading.
  3. Distract Yourself.
  4. Listen To Music While Reading.
  5. Use AccelaReader.com.
  6. Force Yourself To Read Faster Than You Normally Would.

How does Spreeder increase reading speed?

Improve Your Reading Speed

  1. Chunking: Now this is the first technique you’ll learn in the course of your speed reading.
  2. Avoid Vocalizing: Never, EVER vocalize what you’re reading – that is, never form the words with your lips, even soundlessly.
  3. Tracking:

How good is Spreeder?

Good software that you don’t have to be online to use – this software has internal courses to help defeat sub-vocalization, fixation and other things that keep us low in WPM. After taking the first course study on reducing sub-vocalization, I went from a start of 186 WPM to 243 WPM.

Is it possible to read without subvocalization?

Therefore, it is possible to read without subvocalizing. We can read as if it was graphics. So, when using kanji is much more like text > undestanding. But is hard to think doing it purely because we use many words that have no physical meaning such as “as”, “such”, “meaning” etc.

How fast did JFK read?

1,200 words a minute
Reading Speed: John F. Kennedy could read 1,200 words a minute.

Who is the company that makes spreeder software?

Spreeder is developed, published and sold by eReflect. Founded in 2006, eReflect is a world leader in education and self -improvement software. With offices in the United States, Asia, and Australia, eReflect happily serves tens of thousands of satisfied customers in over 188 countries worldwide.

Where can I get barstools delivered to my home?

Use our store locator to find your local At Home store and see if they offer local delivery or curbside pickup.

Can you use spreeder on more than one computer?

Each user can install Spreeder on multiple computers and has their own individual profile in the cloud. With Spreeder, the whole family can enjoy the benefits of amazing reading skills together. Special bonus today only get our $225 vocabulary training program FREE.

Where does spreeder store all your reading material?

Spreeder stores all your reading material in your personal cloud library that you can access from anywhere. Speed read anytime it’s convenient. Spreeder automatically saves your position in all your books and documents. Speed read 46 different file & e-book formats.

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