What is Syncsort JCL?

What is Syncsort JCL?

SyncSort is a high speed replacement for the IBM SORT program. The SORT program is used to sort data into a certain sequence or to merge from two to sixteen previously sorted input data sets into one output data set.

How do you sort records in ascending order in JCL?

‘A’ means Ascending order. We can also sort the record by descending using ‘D’. Example 2: SORT a record in input file by two field. If you see input file, it has same employee name for more than one record(e.g. KALAIA, SRINIV).

How do I reduce elapsed time in mainframe?

Options that may (and I emphasize, may or may not) improve elapsed time: moving datasets from tape to disk, recoding key parts of the algorithm, increasing buffers, changing service class, updating WLM.

How do you count the number of records in a sort?

Or just use a COPY and look at the job output to see how many records SORT found or use the COUNT function of SORT….COUNT Function: Count number of records in a file

  1. RC=12 if RC12 is specified, or by default if RC8 and RC4 are not specified.
  2. RC=8 if RC8 is specified.
  3. RC=4 if RC4 is specified.

How do I sort numbers in JCL?

For the field you want to sort on (key), p is the starting position, m is the length, f is the format and a is A for ascending sequence or D for descending sequence. If you don’t know which format (f) to use, show us what the values to be sorted look like.

How do I sort files in JCL?

JCL – Basic Sort Tricks

  1. A file has 100 records. The first 10 records need to be written to output file.
  2. Input file has one or more records for same employee number. Write unique records to output.
  3. Overwrite input record content.

What is elapsed time in JCL?

Elapsed time refers to the amount of “wall clock” time from initiation to termination of the application.

What is the purpose of Syncsort utility in JCL?

JCL SORT or SYNCSORT utility in JCL is used to sort the datasets, merge datasets and copy datasets. Most of the installations change the SYNCSORT utility program name to SORT.

How to compare two files using JCL Syncsort?

1. First 9bytes of File1 will match with the First 9bytes of the FIle2.If not matched,it should not be present in the output file. 2.9th byte can be space in the both file. Re: JCL syncsort using Joinkeys to compare two files.

What do you need to know about sort in JCL?

Every JCL programmer must know an important process which is – SORT in JCL. So, what exactly is SORT? Suppose, you have an input file and you want to format the data in multiple ways. For Example – Sort a particular field or position in ascending or descending order. Removing the duplicate records from the file.

How to sort records in a Syncsort utility?

SORT FIELDS = COPY INCLUDE COND = (1,3,EQ,’JCL’) In the above examples the records which contain ‘JCL’ in the first 3 positions will be copied.

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