What is the capacity of Royal concert hall Nottingham?

What is the capacity of Royal concert hall Nottingham?

3,364Theatre Royal: 1,107-seat auditorium, Royal Concert Hall: 2,257-seat auditorium
Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall/Capacity

How many seats are in a concert hall?

Venues designed for legitimate theater can be easily adapted for concerts and typically have seating for 1,000-6,000. Mid-Sized Music Venues. Designed for concerts, these indoor facilities have ready-built stages and typically have capacity for between 1,000 and 6,500 persons.

How large is a concert hall?

By American standards 1400-seats represents a large recital- ensemble room, or a medium capacity concert hall. Most recent symphony halls, partly for economic reasons, seat 2300-2500 (a practical upper limit for Frontal design with natural acoustics).

When was the Royal concert hall Nottingham built?

Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall/Opened
Brimming with history, the Theatre Royal is not only a city centre landmark but also one of the most beautiful Victorian theatres in Britain. Built in 1865 and later transformed in 1897 by renowned architect Frank Matcham, the theatre is considered to be one of the most spectacular surviving examples of Matcham’s work.

Who designed Nottingham Theatre Royal?

Charles J. Phipps
Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall/Architects

History. The Theatre Royal was completed in 1865, after six months of work and costing the clients the Nottingham Theatre Company, owned by lace manufacturers John and William Lambert £15,000. The Classic façade and Corinthian columns designed by Charles J. Phipps are still a major Nottingham landmark.

When did Nottingham Concert Hall open?

Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall/Opened

Who holds the record for the largest concert crowd ever?

Although the attendance numbers of free concerts are known to be exaggerations, several concerts have been reported to have a million audience or more. Both Jean-Michel Jarre’s concert in Moscow 1997 and Rod Stewart’s concert in Copacabana 1994 have been reported to attract audiences of more than 3.5 million people.

What is the oldest concert hall in the world?

Wilton’s Music Hall
Wilton’s Music Hall is situated in London’s historic East End. As the world’s oldest surviving music hall, it is both a focus for theatrical and East End history and a living theatre, concert hall, bar and heritage site.

How old is the Theatre Royal Nottingham?

156c. 1865
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Who opened the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham?

Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

Current use Touring Venue
Opened 27 November 1982
Years active Since 1982
Architect RHWL (Renton Howard Wood Levin Partnership)
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