What is the conjugation for Visiter?

What is the conjugation for Visiter?

How to Conjugate Visiter​

Present Imperfect
je visite visitais
tu visites visitais
il visite visitait
nous visitons visitions

What tense is Visiter?

Daily French Verb: to visit is visiter

Simple Tenses visiter
TENSE je/j’ nous
Present Présent visit visite visitons
Past Imperfect Imparfait visited visitais visitions

Is Visiter a regular French verb?

French has two different verbs that mean to visit. One is visiter, which is a regular -er verb conjugated just like parler (to speak). Use the verb visiter to visit places, such as cities, countries, museums, and so on. Nous avons visité le Louvre l’année dernière.

What is the difference between Visiter and rendre visite?

Note that the verb visiter is used with places. When visiting people (friends, family…), we use the expression rendre visite à [quelqu’un] and never visiter alone. (This is similar to the English to pay a visit to [someone].)

Which is the correct way to conjugate Visiter?

Visiter falls into this category, so you can apply the same endings you learned for similar verbs to this one. The first step in any verb conjugation is identifying the verb stem. In this case, that is visit-. As you work through the conjugations, various endings will be added to indicate which tense the verb is used in.

Which is the past tense of Visiter in French?

Another common way to form the past tense of visiter is to use the passé composé. This requires a simple construction using the auxiliary verb avoir and the past participle visité.

When to use JE visite or nous visiterons?

You will use it for the basic conjugations of visiter in the present, future, and imperfect (past) tenses. All you need to do is study the chart and find the correct form that matches both the subject pronoun and the tense. For instance, “I am visiting” is je visite and “we will visit” is nous visiterons .

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