What is the difference between 93016 and 93018?

What is the difference between 93016 and 93018?

Code 93016 alone is used to report supervision of a stress test in circumstances where another physician provides the interpretation and report. Use code 93018 for only the interpretation and report of an exercise stress test.”

How is stress test billed?

Answer: Codes 93015 through 93018 are used to report cardiovascular stress tests. Code 93015 is considered the global code and should be used only when a physician owns the equipment and employs the personnel in his office or clinic.

How do you code a stress test?

The most commonly performed myocardial perfusion imaging are single (at rest or stress, CPT code 78451) and multiple (at rest and stress, CPT code 78452) tomographic SPECT studies.

How do you bill stress echo?

For stress echocardiography, whether exercise or pharmacologically induced, report CPT code 93350. If color Doppler and spectral Doppler are also performed, those codes may be reported also.

What does CPT code 93015 mean?


Is 99214 covered by Medicare?

A 99214 pays $121.45 ($97.16 from Medicare and $24.29 from the patient). For new patient visits most doctors will bill 99203 (low complexity) or 99204 (moderate complexity) These codes pay $122.69 and $184.52 respectively.

What is a myocardial stress test?

What is a stress myocardial perfusion scan? Myocardial perfusion is an imaging test. It’s also called a nuclear stress test. It is done to show how well blood flows through the heart muscle. It also shows how well the heart muscle is pumping.

What is the difference between CPT code 78451 and 78452?

An authorization is given for CPT code 78451 “Myocardial perfusion imaging, tomographic (SPECT); single study, at rest or stress”. The cardiologist performs CPT code 78452 “Myocardial perfusion imaging, tomographic (SPECT); multiple studies, at rest and/or stress and/or redistribution and/or rest reinjection”.

What is procedure code A9500?

Example: A9500 is defined as Technetium Tc 99m sestamibi, diagnostic, per study dose. When multiple studies (rest and stress) nuclear medicine procedures are performed using this agent for two studies it would be appropriate to bill for 2 units.

What is an abnormal stress test?

An abnormal result in both phases of your stress test is an indication that your heart’s blood flow is poor, regardless of your exertion level. The restricted blood flow suggests significant coronary artery disease.

Can 93000 and 93306 be billed together?

CPT codes 93306 and 93307 are not reimbursable when billed for the same recipient, on the same date of service, by any provider.

Is CPT 93306 a radiology?

Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code 93306, is a noninvasive study that uses ultrasound to visualize the heart’s function, blood flow, valves, and chambers.

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