What is the meaning of gasify?

What is the meaning of gasify?

transitive verb. : to convert into gas gasify coal. intransitive verb. : to become gaseous.

How do you spell gasification?

verb (used with or without object), gas·i·fied, gas·i·fy·ing. to convert into or become a gas.

What is gasifier and its type?

Gasifier equipment is generally classified as upward draft, downward draft and cross draft gasifiers, based on the direction of air/oxygen flow in the equipment. Gasification processes can be categorized into three groups: entrained flow, fluidised bed and moving bed (sometimes called, somewhat erroneously, fixed bed).

What is coke gasification?

Gasification is a known method for converting petroleum coke (petcoke) and other refinery waste streams and residuals (vacuum residual, visbreaker tar, and deasphalter pitch) into power, steam, and hydrogen for use in the production of cleaner transportation fuels.

How does gasification work and how is it sustainable?

Sustainable transport. Gasification is a process that converts organic- or fossil fuel-based carbonaceous materials into carbon monoxide, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This is achieved by reacting the material at high temperatures (>700 °C), without combustion, with a controlled amount of oxygen and/or steam.

Which is a product of the gasification process?

A gasification plant generally consists of processes of gasification reaction, catalytic conversion of syngas, and gas separation and purification. The main gasification products are CO, CO 2, H 2, and CH 4.

What do you call place where gasification reactions take place?

If higher gasification temperature is required or designed, external heat should be input or a higher air or oxygen content is needed [27]. The place where the gasification reactions take place is known as a gasifier.

What is the calorific value of gas gasification?

According to previous studies, the calorific value of syngas obtained is 4–7 MJ/m 3 when using air as the gasification agent, while syngas with a higher calorific value, up to 10–18 MJ/m 3, can be obtained with pure oxygen or water vapor as the gasification agent ( Bridgwater]

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