What is the meaning of mother and child sculpture?

What is the meaning of mother and child sculpture?

This sculpture is one of a group of small bronzes made by the artist during the early 1950s that focus specifically on the relationship between mother and child. During the Second World War Moore’s interpretation of the theme emphasised the mother’s nurturing role, a response to the human suffering of war.

What do you know about sculpture mother child?

Mother and Child 1934 is a small abstract stone sculpture by the British artist Barbara Hepworth, which is horizontal in configuration and has an undulating and biomorphic shape. Mother and Child was produced using a sculptural practice known as direct carving.

What is the medium of sculpture mother and child?

Mother and Child (Cassatt)

Mother and Child (The Oval Mirror)
Artist Mary Cassatt
Year c. 1898
Medium oil paint, canvas
Dimensions 81.6 cm (32.1 in) × 65.7 cm (25.9 in)

Where is Mother and Child sculpture?

Indianapolis Museum of Art
Mother and Child (Gordine)

Mother and Child
Artist Dora Gordine
Year 1964
Dimensions 110 cm × 36 cm × 235 cm (43.5 in × 14 in × 92.5 in)
Location Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana

Who is the Mother and Child 1960?

Mother with Child, also known as Nurse, is an oil painting art series by Macedonian modern artist Nikola Martinoski created from the 1930s to the 1960s….

Mother with Child
Artist Nikola Martinoski
Year 1930s – 60s
Type Modern art
Location Museum of Contemporary Art of Macedonia, Skopje

Who is the painter of mother and child?

Mary Cassatt
Mother and Child/Artists

Who is the artist of mother and child?

Who paints mother and child?

Mother and Child, 1901 by Pablo Picasso. The religious connotations of any picture involving a mother and child are inevitable and this iconic statement is one of a series of ‘Madonnas’ painted during the Blue Period.

Who is the painter of Mother and Child ‘?

Who has made the Mother and Child painting?

National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi, India

  • Title: Mother And Child.
  • Creator: Jamini Roy (1887-1972)
  • Physical Dimensions: Tempera on canvas, 36 cm X 73.5 cm.
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