What is the number 1 high school in Wisconsin?

What is the number 1 high school in Wisconsin?


School Ranking (2019 vs 2018)
Rank School Average Standard Score (2019)
1 Lakeview Technology Academy 99.8
2 Whitefish Bay High 99.1
3 Cedarburg High 98.4

Where does Wisconsin rank in education?

Public School Ranking by State

Overall Rank State Total Score
9 Wisconsin 57.48
10 Vermont 57.43
11 Rhode Island 57.21
12 Minnesota 57.00

Does Wisconsin have a good education?

Wisconsin (WQOW) – Wisconsin ranks in the top 25% of the nation when it comes to the quality of public education. The website 24/7 Wall St ranked the Badger State 11th in the nation in a new report. It also has education spending that amounts to $11,968 per student, and a preschool participation rate of 37.1%.

What are the best middle schools in Wisconsin?

2021 Best Middle Schools in Wisconsin

  • Brookfield Academy. Private School.
  • University School of Milwaukee. Private School.
  • The Prairie School. Private School.
  • Madison Country Day School. Private School.
  • Pilgrim Park Middle School.
  • University Lake School.
  • Wisconsin Hills Middle School.
  • Lake Country School District.

What’s the latest ranking of schools in Wisconsin?

Schooldigger calculates school rankings based on test scores released by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. These rankings were last updated on September 12, 2019, and are based on the most recent test scores available.

When was the Wisconsin School Performance Report created?

The Wisconsin School Performance Report (SPR) was created in 1991 with the passage of State Statute 115.38. For many years SPR served as the state’s annual public school report card, and represented what at the time was the department’s most comprehensive resource for data on school performance and student achievement.

Where do we get our school district rankings from?

Our sources of data include the National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. For more information about our ranking process, please see our Ranking FAQ. Details about our methodology are here.

When do the Wisconsin School scores come out?

SchoolDigger will resume updating its rankings when test scores are released in 2021. … Spread the word! See a list of rankings for 449 districts in Wisconsin, from best to worst. Compare test scores and view school rankings for Wisconsin schools at SchoolDigger.com

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