What is the plot of The Eye of Minds?

What is the plot of The Eye of Minds?

The gamers who are trapped often commit suicide in real life by coding out their Cores, the virtual objects that differentiate between their Auras, or their virtual bodies, and their real-life bodies. The VNS wants Michael and his friends to find out about the Mortality Doctrine, a program created by Kaine.

Is The Eye of Minds related to Maze Runner?

James Dashner is best known for his dystopian bestseller “The Maze Runner,” but he’s outdone himself with “The Eye of Minds,” the first installment of “The Mortality Doctrine” trilogy.

Is the mortality doctrine related to the maze runner?

From James Dashner, author of the #1 New York Times bestselling MAZE RUNNER series, comes the final book in the Mortality Doctrine series, an edge-of-your-seat cyber-adventure trilogy that includes The Eye of Minds and The Rule of Thoughts.

What happens in the eye of minds by James Dashner?

The Eye of Minds is literally a quest-line: Talk to this person, who’ll give you information to do something that’ll bring you to the next person… Additionally, Michael started out with both of us friends. He loses one of them and then another, so he’s left to face the antagonist alone. Which is a good thing.

Who is the author of the eye of minds?

Plot Summary. Title: The eye of minds Author: James Dashner Length: 310 pages The Eye of Minds is a book about a teenager named Michael. Michael does not see his parents much, so he spends most of his time gaming. The book takes place in the future where gaming is much different than it is today. The main gaming system is called VirtNet.

Where did the eye of minds come from?

He drew inspiration for the book from multiple book and film sources, particularly The Matrix and Inception.

How does Michael get to the eye of minds?

Michael begins to have serious but occasional headaches. Michael and his friends then manage to gain access to The Path through Devils of Destruction, which they find very difficult to beat, after hacking through the age restriction. Once they enter The Path, they find themselves on a massive stone disk with a riddle.

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