What is the worldwide followers of Hinduism?

What is the worldwide followers of Hinduism?

Hinduism, with an estimated 1.1 billion followers, is the world’s third largest religion and also one of the oldest, with beliefs and practices that date back at least as far as the 1500s BCE.

How did the spread of Hinduism change the world?

Hinduism and Buddhism exerted an enormous influence on the civilizations of Southeast Asia and contributed greatly to the development of a written tradition in that area. About the beginning of the Common Era, Indian merchants may have settled there, bringing Brahmans and Buddhist monks with them.

Where does Hinduism rank in the world?


Religion Est. No. Adherents Percent of World Pop.
Hinduism 1.0 billion 15 percent
Buddhism 500 million 7.1 percent
Folk Religions 400 million 6 percent
Other Religions* 58 million 1 percent

Is there any religion older than Hinduism?

Judaism is of great antiquity as well, with an oral tradition that is also nearly four thousand years old and written texts that are older than the Sanskrit and Avestan texts of Hinduism and Zoroastrianism.

Where does the majority of Hindus live in the world?

Hinduism by country. Hinduism has over 1.1 billion adherents worldwide (15–16% of world’s population) with the majority living in India, Nepal and Mauritius. Along with Christianity (31.5%), Islam (23.2%) and Buddhism (7.1%), Hinduism is one of the four major religions of the world by percentage of population.

What kind of worldview does Hinduism have?

The earliest Hindu scriptures are henotheistic; they recognize a multiple male and female deities, but recognize one as supreme. ” Reality: Everything is a part of and manifestation of Brahman, the ultimate reality and Supreme Being. Man’s primary problem: To be stuck in samsara.

What kind of religion is the Hindu religion?

Hinduism is a heterogeneous religion and consists of many schools of thought. Hinduism has no traditional ecclesiastical order, no centralised religious authorities, no governing body, no prophets; Hindus can choose to be polytheistic, monotheistic, pantheistic, monistic, agnostic, humanist or atheistic.

Are there any Hindu enclaves in the world?

There are significant numbers of Hindu enclaves around the world, with many in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Hinduism is also practised by the non- Indic people like Balinese of Bali island ( Indonesia ), Tengger of Java (Indonesia) and Balamon Cham of Vietnam and Ghanian hindu in ghana.

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