What is Virginia circuit court?

What is Virginia circuit court?

The circuit court is the trial court with the broadest powers in Virginia. The circuit court handles all civil cases with claims of more than $25,000. It shares authority with the general district court to hear matters involving claims between $4,500 and $25,000.

How long are court records kept in Virginia?

ten years
Destroy following expiration of retention period for the original case specified in Va. Code §§ 16.1-69.55 or 16.1-306. Adult traffic or criminal records are kept ten years from disposition. An order of expungement can be voided for up to three years from the date of entry.

Are criminal records public information in Virginia?

This right is in accordance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, which specifies that all government information and records are presumed public. Virginia State Records contains criminal records, court records, vital records, and over 75 million transparent public records.

What does a circuit court judge do?

Circuit court judges are ultimately responsible for overseeing court cases involving matters ranging from felonies to tax disputes.

What is Circuit Court information?

At its most basic level, a circuit court is a group of courts that works together as a regional justice system. These courts typically try cases and hear appeals from within the region. The court systems vary in scope and purpose, from region to region and from country to country.

How many district courts are in Virginia?

Courts of Virginia include: Supreme Court of Virginia Court of Appeals of Virginia Virginia Circuit Court (120 courts divided among 31 judicial circuits) Virginia General District Court (courts in 32 districts) Virginia Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court (courts in 32 districts)

Which Virginia Court has jury trails?

Henrico County Circuit Court was the first in the state to successfully conduct a jury trial – on Sept. 16 – since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Richmond Circuit Court was given the go-ahead on Friday and hopes to conduct its first jury trial soon.

How are Virginia Circuit Court judges selected?

Judges in Virginia are selected for the bench by a process of legislative election. The judicial selection process begins when a vacancy occurs in the judiciary or when a new seat is created by the General Assembly.

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