What is YPG stand for?

What is YPG stand for?

People’s Protection Units
YPG is an acronym whose translation means People’s Protection Units. It is the home grown defense forces of the Kurdish area of Syria. It emerged after the Civil War erupted in Syria and started to spill over into Syrian Kurdistan, now known as Rojava, or Western Kurdistan.

Who is Rojava fighting?

The Rojava conflict, also known as the Rojava revolution, is a political upheaval and military conflict taking place in northern Syria, known among Kurds as Western Kurdistan or Rojava. This led to the establishment of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (NES) in 2016.

Does the YPG still exist?

Since then, the YPG has primarily fought against ISIL, as well as on occasion fighting other Syrian rebel groups and the Turkish Armed Forces….

People’s Defense Units
YPG gen-com emblem
Active 2011–present
Allegiance Kurdish Supreme Committee (2011–2013) Rojava (2013–present)

What is the full name of YPG?

People’s Protection Units International
The YPG International or People’s Protection Units International (Kurdish: YPG Enternasyonel) is a military unit made up of foreign fighters in the Syrian Democratic Forces. It was created in December 2016 as the Antifascist International Tabûr (AIT) of the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

How many Kurds have died in the Turkish invasion?

The PKK said 1,557 Turkish security forces members were killed in 2015 during the clashes in Turkish and Iraqi Kurdistan, while it lost 220 fighters….Kurdish–Turkish conflict (2015–present)

Date 24 July 2015 – present (6 years, 1 month, 1 week and 6 days)
Status Ongoing

What is the Youth Power Group?

Be a part of something big. The UCKG Youth Group is a group of young adults that focuses on sharing practical guidance for a new way of life. Throughout the month, members of the Youth Power Group (YPG) go to different places to bring a positive message to those who hear negative words every day.

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