What SCCR rating do I need?

What SCCR rating do I need?

The SCCR rating of the electrical panel must be equal to or greater than the available fault current determined.

What are the standard AIC ratings?

The general size and construction of the panelboard should be per the required load of the area plus at least 30% spare capacity (calculated). Minimum AIC ratings for the panel should be 10,000 AIC for 120/208 volt panels, and 14,000 AIC for 277/480 panelboards.

What is equipment fault current rating?

This rating (in amps) is the equipment’s ability to withstand high levels of current that will flow on the grounded metal of the equipment should a short-to-ground or other fault occur. The equipment must be able to withstand this “fault current” without experiencing a meltdown, explosion, or similar catastrophe.

What is peak let through current?

Peak Let-through Current (See Figure 14) – The maximum instantaneous current that passes through an overcurrent protective device during its total clearing time when the available current is within its current-limiting range.

Is AIC and SCCR the same?

Are the terms AIC and SCCR interchangeable? No! AIC applies only to overcurrent protection devices (circuit breakers, fuses, etc.), and SCCR applies to a fully assembled device (i.e., Lutron panel), which may use specific AIC-rated overcurrent protection devices.

What does 200KA mean?

So this is the Interrupting Rating, or you could say the Instant Rating. If it says 200KA on it, then it takes 200,000 amps to blow that fuse instantly, no delay at all. Fast acting fuses or “Semiconductor fuses” have some of the fastest ratings about 10KA or 10,000 amps Interrupting Rating.

How do I choose AIC rating?

In all cases, the AIC rating can be found in the Fault Analysis section on the right side of the dialog box. Use the AIC Rating field to set the rating for the device. A number of typical options are listed. If the value you want to use is not displayed, select Custom and use the field below to enter the value.

What is rated current of MCB?

The MCBs used in domestic installations are usually rated at 6000 amps or 6kA. SO the relationship between a typical domestic appliance rating and normal voltage (240v) allows that the over-current occurring as a result of short circuit should not exceed 6kA.

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