What size is blue MDPE pipe?

What size is blue MDPE pipe?

Blue MDPE. This lightweight pipe is available in coils of 25m, 50m, 100m and 150m for ease of use, and comes in sizes ranging from 20-63mm.

How do you uncoil MDPE pipes?

To do this efficiently you will need a connection on the end which you can hook up to tap which runs hot water. Then lay the pipe out as flat as you can and start pumping the hot water through it. This should straighten it out quickly, running some cold water at the end just to make sure it stays straight.

What is the diameter of blue water pipe?


Size Outside Diameter Inside diameter
Blue PE80 MDPE 25 mm 25 mm 20.4 mm
Blue PE80 MDPE 32 mm 32 mm 26 mm
Blue PE80 MDPE 50 mm 50 mm 40.8 mm
Blue PE80 MDPE 63 mm 63 mm 51.4 mm

Can I use blue MDPE above ground?

Blue MDPE pipe may be used above ground in situations where it is not exposed to light and is protected against: undue warming. freezing. potential contamination from the environment.

What is the blue water pipe called?

Also known as “big blue,” due to the blue color of some pipes, polybutylene was a popular choice for plumbing because it was inexpensive and durable. Over time, homeowners, plumbing experts, and scientists discovered that polybutylene pipe was not as durable as they had once believed.

Can you bend MDPE pipe?

You will also need a plumbers pipe bending spring, the type used to bend copper pipe. The one required for 25mm MDPE is a 22mm copper pipe spring, available at all plumbing outlets.

Can you shower waste with 32mm pipe?

yes.. I will be using 40mm all the way to where the 32mm disappears through the joists and down into the stack. Only other option to access the stack is to remove a stud wall and re-build afterwards.

How big is a 32mm MDPE water pipe?

This 32mm MDPE mains water supply pipe comes in coils of 25m, 50m, 100m & 150m, complete with an end closure at each end to protect the pipe from any dust or unwanted substances from manufacturing to installation.

How much does a blue MDPE water pipe cost?

Orders under £90.00* will be charged £12.50* carriage. Our standard delivery area covers mainland England, Scotland (Excluding Highlands) and Wales. For all other areas around the UK we may have to make an additional delivery charge.

Can a 25mm pipe be changed to a 32mm pipe?

The water meter has a 25mm outlet on it which cant be changed to 32mm without changing the whole meter. Now if I run a small section of 25mm pipe from the meter and then add a joint to up it to 32mm then continue in 32mm pipe will this still work with regards to the pressure/flow?

Do you need a 32mm stop tap for MDPE?

The flow and pressure are both very good. You would need a 32mm stop tap in the property, but everything else would be stepped down to 22 or 15mm to supply the various outlets. Thanks for all the replies, looks like I will be taking back some of the fittings and pipe and replacing them with 32mm!

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