What was the Australian flag before Federation?

What was the Australian flag before Federation?

the Union Jack
In Australia, the Union Jack was the sole official flag for use on land until Federation.

Does Australia have two flags?

Australia has three official flags: the Australian National Flag, the Australian Aboriginal Flag and the Torres Strait Islander Flag. Each state of territory also has its own flag.

What is a black Australian flag?

The symbolic meaning of the flag colours (as stated by Harold Thomas) is: Black – represents the Aboriginal people of Australia. Yellow circle – represents the Sun, the giver of life and protector. Red – represents the red earth, the red ochre used in ceremonies and Aboriginal peoples’ spiritual relation to the land.

Why is Australia’s flag British?

The Union Flag is thought to symbolise Australia’s history as six British colonies and the principles upon which the Australian Federation is based, although a more historic view sees its inclusion in the design as demonstrating loyalty to the British Empire.

Why do we fly the Aboriginal flag?

2. Why is flying the flags important? Flying the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags demonstrates Australia’s recognition of First Nation peoples, promoting a sense of community partnership and a commitment toward reconciliation.

What kind of flag is the Federation Flag?

Like the Colonial Flag, the Federation Flag features a combination of the Union Flag and the Southern Cross, but the cross is blue, not red, and there are five stars, not four.

What kind of flag did the Australian Federation use?

The flag’s appearance varied greatly depending on where it was made: different manufacturers produced Federation Flags with darker or lighter shades of blue for the cross background; using five-pointed stars instead of eight; or positioning the stars in different places.

What do the three stars on the Federation flag mean?

[1] According to the Star Trek Sticker Book (Pg. 9), by Michael Okuda, ” At one time, it was thought that the three bright stars in the starfield might represent Earth, Vulcan, and the Klingon Homeworld, since during early episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation it was thought that the Klingons might have actually joined the Federation.

When did Starfleet start using the Federation Flag?

From at least 2268 until at least 2375 this emblem was used on pennants, Starfleet installations and official documents of the Federation. ( TOS: ” And the Children Shall Lead “, TOS-R: ” The Ultimate Computer “, DS9: ” What You Leave Behind “)

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