What was the strongest hurricane in 2012?

What was the strongest hurricane in 2012?

Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy (unofficially referred to as Superstorm Sandy) was the deadliest, the most destructive, and the strongest hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. The storm inflicted nearly $70 billion (2012 USD) in damage and killed 233 people across eight countries from the Caribbean to Canada.

Where did Hurricane Isaac 2012 make landfall?

southeast Louisiana
At 6:45pm on August 28th, Hurricane Isaac made a brief landfall along the coast of southeast Louisiana in Plaquemines Parish. Maximum sustained winds were 80mph during landfall.

What was the largest peak category storm of Hurricane Isaac?

Category 1
Hurricane Isaac (2012)

Category 1 hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Hurricane Isaac near peak strength and approaching Louisiana on August 28
Highest winds 1-minute sustained: 80 mph (130 km/h)
Lowest pressure 965 mbar (hPa); 28.5 inHg
Fatalities 34 direct, 7 indirect

What was storm surge for Isaac?

Isaac’s large wind field contributed to a strong storm surge peaking at 11.03 ft (3.36 m) at a buoy offshore of Shell Beach. The strong waves inundated large areas of the state’s coastal regions, particularly in Plaquemines Parish.

Where did Hurricane Isaac hit on August 28 2012?

Hurricane Isaac August 28, 2012. Isaac did not remain over land for long as the hurricane was back over water again by 9pm that same evening. Hurricane Isaac made a 2nd landfall along the coast of southeast Louisiana (just west of Port Fourchon) around 2:15am on August 29th, again with maximum sustained winds of 80mph.

When did Hurricane Isaac become a Category 1 hurricane?

Although the barometric pressure continued to decrease, Isaac remained a large storm, which contributed to the lack of strengthening. At about 1620 UTC (11:20 a.m. CDT) on August 28, Isaac attained Category 1 hurricane status about 75 mi (115 km) south-southeast of the mouth of the Mississippi River, based on data from the Hurricane Hunters.

When did Tropical Storm Isaac start and end?

Tropical Depression #9 formed east of the Lesser Antilles on the morning of August 21, 2012. By the afternoon hours on the 21st, Isaac had strengthened into a tropical storm.

What was the highest wind speed during Hurricane Isaac?

The highest wind gust observed during Isaac was 60mph at 910am on the east end of Dauphin Island, AL. Elsewhere, along the Alabama and western Florida panhandle coastline, peak wind gusts of 40-50mph were common from late afternoon on Aug 28th through the afternoon hours on Aug 29th.

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