When was Idris Elba on the office?

When was Idris Elba on the office?

In 2009, Elba began playing a character in NBC’s television hit series The Office. He was in six episodes playing Charles Miner, Michael Scott’s new boss.

How did the office get Idris Elba?

At the time, Elba was gaining recognition by playing gangster, Stringer Bell, on The Wire. The Office writers were actually enamored with The Wire, which is how Elba ended up trying his hand at comedy.

Why did Charles Miner leave the office?

Michael makes an agreement with CFO David Wallace to return to his job and appoint sales positions for Pam and Ryan. As Miner leaves the branch, Michael gets his revenge on him by abruptly interrupting his final words and demanding he leave the premises the same way Miner had Michael removed from the branch.

Who is the black character in The Office?

1. Stanley Hudson. The original only Black guy in the office, Stanley is Squidward in human form — a demeanor that endears him to at-home viewers similarly perplexed by the shenanigans that take place at Dunder Mifflin.

Why did Idris Elba appear on the office?

This marked the beginning of a major change for the Scranton employees as Sabre took over Dunder Mifflin. Elba’s time on The Office was always meant to be short. The actor agreed to make a small guest appearance at the request of the sitcom’s creators.

Where was Idrissa Akuna Elba born and raised?

An only child, Idrissa Akuna Elba was born and raised in London, England. His father, Winston, is from Sierra Leone and worked at Ford Dagenham; his mother, Eve, is from Ghana and had a clerical duty. Idris attended school in Canning Town, where he first became involved in acting, before he dropped out.

Where did Idris Elba film The movie Takers?

Filming took place in Puerto Rico and the movie was released in April 2010. Elba will next be seen in the 2010 thriller Takers also starring Hayden Christensen, Chris Brown, T.I., and Paul Walker. Elba has joined the cast of Kenneth Branagh ‘s upcoming Thor film, in which he will play Heimdall.

When did Idris Elba appear in the TV show Luther?

The same year, he appeared in the thriller Takers starring T.I., Chris Brown, Michael Ealy, Zoe Saldana and Matt Dillon. In September 2009, Elba took the lead in 6-part BBC television show Luther which aired from May 4, 2010 on BBC One.

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