Where can I read German news?

Where can I read German news?

Check out these five news outlets that will make your German language skills shine.

  • Nachrichtenleicht.
  • Der Spiegel.
  • Deutsche Welle.
  • Logo.
  • The Huffington Post (auf Deutsch)

What are the best German news apps?

  1. SPIEGEL ONLINE – International. Hamburg, Germany SPIEGEL ONLINE provides daily news, analysis and opinion from Europe’s leading news magazine and Germany’s top news Web site.
  3. The Local Germany.
  5. Munich NOW.
  6. t-online.
  7. ITB Berlin News.

What is the most respected newspaper in Germany?

The FAZ is probably Germany’s most prestigious daily newspaper and is the one newspaper read by virtually all members of the political and business establishment. Although independent of any political party, its views are similar to those of the right-of-center CDU. Handelsblatt is the leading business daily.

What is newspaper called in German?

The German word for newspaper is E.g. die Zeitung.

Is news in slow German worth it?

I really enjoyed using News in Slow German. They manage to do everything really well. It’s rare for a resource to be as much fun to use without sacrificing quality and effectiveness. I love the way they teach grammar and expressions as it feels very natural, making it easier to internalize how both are used.

What is the best free app to learn German?

Eight Free Apps to Teach You German

  • WordPic. This simple app uses photos to train vocabularly, and includes an instagram mode that pulls photos from instagram instead of the app’s database to keep things fresh.
  • Babbel.
  • DeutschAkademie.
  • MindSnack’s Learn German.
  • Busuu.
  • Duolingo.

How do you say news in German?

In the German language there are two main words for “news”: – “Nachrichten” (pl.)

What is the meaning of Zeitung?

daily paper; newspaper; paper; newsreel; Newspaper.

Which is the most popular newspaper in Germany?

Top 30 German Newspapers & News Media. 1. Spiegel. 2. Bild.

Which is the best blog for pop culture?

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Which is the best website for European news?

Brussels, Belgium About Website New Europe Published since 1993, New Europe is the only independent weekly newspaper and daily website bringing you the most important European news and analysis. Frequency 19 posts / week Website neweurope.eu

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