Where was John Nieto born?

Where was John Nieto born?

Born in Denver in 1936, Nieto grew up in several towns in Texas and New Mexico since his father, a Methodist minister, frequently moved around for his job. When Nieto headed off to Dallas to study at Southern Methodist University, he already knew that art would be his calling.

Is John Nieto Native American?

Nieto’s work reflects his Hispanic and American Indian ancestry. New Mexican roots can be traced back over 300 years. His unfettered use of brilliant colors has been likened to the 1920’s French Fauvist movement, which impressed him greatly during a visit to Paris.

Is John Nieto still alive?

John Nieto (1936–2018) was an American contemporary artist who concentrated on Native American themes including Native American tribal representatives as well as indigenous wildlife….

John Nieto
Born 1936
Died 2018 (aged 81–82)
Known for Contemporary art
Website https://www.nietofineart.com/

What makes John Nieto important?

John Nieto (American, b. 1936) is one of America’s most dynamic Contemporary artists. He utilizes intense primary colors, applied in bold strokes, to give dimension and character to the canvas. In his etchings and drawings, Nieto employs classic linear techniques to create images of great detail and depth.

When was Nieto born?

1936 (age 85 years)
John Nieto/Date of birth

Are lower numbered prints worth more?

What Does it Mean That a Print is Numbered? This numbering system is usually indicated in the lower margin in the form of X/YY. When the second number, which is the size of the edition, is smaller, that print edition typically has far more value since fewer of those prints were produced.

What is worth more a lithograph or serigraph?

Which is more expensive, lithograph or serigraph? It depends. All things being equal, serigraphs are generally more expensive as they take much longer and are higher quality.

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