Who is Simon Curtis?

Who is Simon Curtis?

Simon Curtis (born March 18, 1986) is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor. Born in Michigan and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he first gained recognition for his role as Royce Du Lac in the 2009 film Spectacular!

Who is Simon Curtis married to?

Elizabeth McGovernm. 1992
Simon Curtis/Spouse

Personal life. Curtis was born in London, England. He married American actress Elizabeth McGovern in 1992. The couple have two daughters and live in Chiswick, London.

How old is Simon Curtis?

35 years (March 18, 1986)
Simon Curtis/Age

What genre is Simon Curtis?

Simon Curtis/Genres

How old is Elizabeth McGovern?

60 years (July 18, 1961)
Elizabeth McGovern/Age

Who did Elizabeth McGovern marry?

Simon Curtism. 1992
Elizabeth McGovern/Spouse
Personal life. In 1992, McGovern married British film director and producer Simon Curtis; the couple have two daughters and live in Chiswick, London.

Who is Elizabeth McGovern related to?

Daughter of Katie and Bill McGovern. Has two daughters named Matilda Curtis (b.

Who is Elizabeth McGovern’s mother?

Katharine Wolcott
Elizabeth McGovern/Mothers
McGovern was born in Evanston, Illinois, the daughter of Katharine Wolcott (née Watts), a high school teacher, and William Montgomery McGovern, Jr., a university professor.

Who is Elizabeth Mcgovern’s husband?

Elizabeth McGovern/Husband

How old is Elizabeth Mcgovern?

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What genre is Skrillex?

Electronic dance musicDance/Electronic

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