Who is the best companion in Warband?

Who is the best companion in Warband?

Mount & Blade: Warband – The 10 Best Companions

  • 8 Artimenner.
  • 7 Firentis.
  • 6 Jeremus.
  • 5 Alayen.
  • 4 Matheld.
  • 3 Bunduk.
  • 2 Katrin.
  • 1 Rolf.

How many companions should you have Warband?

Keeping all 16 companions :: Mount & Blade: Warband General Discussions.

Is Firentis a noble?

A Noble from Suno who killed his own brother in a drunken fight over a temptress they were both in love with….

Born at Suno
Connections Uxkhal
Reputation upstanding
Noble Yes

Is Rolf a noble?

Rolf is a noble claimed bandit and one of the companions in Warband.

Do new companions spawn Bannerlord?

If the setting value is 6, a new companion will spawn per 6 weeks (42 days). If the setting value is a negative value (such as -1), a new companion will never spawn.

How many Companions are there in Bannerlord?

Each upgrade comes with an extra companion slot, eventually reaching a maximum of eight companions. If you need help leveling your clan, take a look at our guide on How to Get Renown Fast. Another way to increase your companion limit is via the “Ruler” perk under the Steward skill at level 250.

How many companions can you have in Bannerlord?

The first clan tier starts with a limit of up to four companions. The only way to raise your limit is by upgrading your clan tier. Each upgrade comes with an extra companion slot, eventually reaching a maximum of eight companions. If you need help leveling your clan, take a look at our guide on How to Get Renown Fast.

Is Bunduk a noble?

Biography. Bunduk was born near Jelkala. He is a veteran Rhodok soldier who garrisoned a town for 20 years until his newly appointed commander, who was a young noble.

Where is Firentis Warband?

Firentis is born and lived in Suno. He is a mercenary cavalry captain in any town along with his brother.

Can you marry Ymira in Mount and Blade?

You can only marry her if you are a woman, in Native, and it is a bug.

How often do new companions spawn Bannerlord?

Message color setting has been added. You can change the color of the message which notifies you that a new companion has spawned. The standard companion spawn interval for this game is about 6 weeks (42 days) (or 7 weeks (49 days)?) . Once a week the check is carried out to see if the companion spawns.

Can you marry a companion in Bannerlord?

Here are some tidbits if you plan on having your character marry a noble in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: You can only choose unmarried clan members of the opposite sex. You can court and flirt with as many would-be partners as possible, though you can only choose to marry one.

How many companions can you get in Warband?

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. 9 companions total (I don’t think you can get more). 8 is the “natural” number – that is, no conflicts necessary, and able to get many different companion combinations (conflicts included).

Who are the 10 companions in are / mountandblade?

There are 10 options available for anybody happy to settle for 9 companions (companions not included in the OP’s combo in bold): Alayen, Artimenner, Baheshtur, Borcha, Firentis, Jeremus, Lezalit, Rolf, Ymira. Alayen, Artimenner, Baheshtur, Bunduk, Katrin, Matheld, Nizar, Rolf, Ymira.

Are there safe companion combinations in Mount and blade?

Some companions in Mount & Blade don’t get along, that’s why it’s very hard to keep them all in your party at the same time. In light of this, some players use a safe combination, in other words, a combination that won’t doesn’t cause trouble. These are all companions available in Mount & Blade.

When is til there is a safe 10-companions?

TIL there is a safe 10-companions combination. Heroes present in this combination have their name in bold for easier reading: For almost a thousand hours, I believed 8 companions was the highest “safe” (edit: by “safe” I mean “stable over time”) heroes combination.

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