Who is the founder of Fontana Pharmacy?

Who is the founder of Fontana Pharmacy?

Fontana Pharmacy) was established in 1968 in the newly built Manchester Shopping Centre, Mandeville by founders Bobby and Angela Chang. The original location consisted of a 4,000 square foot Fontana Fashions and a 2,000 square foot Pharmacy.

When was Fontana Pharmacy established?

November 30, 1968
The first Fontana Pharmacy was opened in November 30, 1968 at Manchester Shopping Centre in Mandeville by Bobby and Angela Chang. We now have additional branches at East Kings House Rd in Kingston, Fairview Shopping Centre in Montego Bay, Eight Rivers Town Centre in Ocho Rios and Beckford Plaza in Sav-La-Mar.

Who is the owner of Fontana?

Fontana Leisure Parks
Owner Fontana Development Corporation
Operating license holder Jimei Group (former)
Coordinates 15°11′39.3″N 120°30′34.5″ECoordinates: 15°11′39.3″N 120°30′34.5″E
Website www.fontana.com.ph

When was Fontana Savanna La Mar opened?

In 2007, Fontana opened a branch at Beckford Plaza in Sav La Mar. In 2010, the Montego Bay store moved to a new 20,000-sq. -ft. location, making it the largest pharmacy in Jamaica, at the time.

How much is Fontana worth?

Fontana was an American musician who had a net worth of $5 million at the time of his death in 2018.

How to contact Fontana Pharmacy in Fontana CA?

For inquiries regarding FontanaPharmacy.com /pharmacy stores email us at [email protected] or Call 1-888-429-5887 . All customer service queries will be addressed within two business days. For inquiries on products or services please contact your local Fontana Pharmacy.

Who was the first pharmacy owner in the Philippines?

In 1857, Steck bought Schmidt’s company share and assumed full ownership of the store. · A keen businessman, Steck also bought another rival drug store, the BOtica de sta cruz . Steck became a famous figure in Manila during the latter years of the Spanish era.

Is the University of Santo Tomas a pharmacy school?

University of Santo Tomas has gained the distinction of introducing the degree of Bachelor of Science in biochemistry for the first time in the Philippines. The Faculty of Pharmacy also has the distinction of being the first institution in the University of Santo Tomas to admit female students during 1924.

How did Botica Boie pharmacy get its name?

The original name of the store is not known, as the name “Botica Boie” was coined only in 1867. · In 1850, two German pharmacists — Heinrich Schmidt and Friedrich Steck — purchased the drug store from Dr. Negrao. In 1857, Steck bought Schmidt’s company share and assumed full ownership of the store.

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