Who is the founder of Lyoness?

Who is the founder of Lyoness?

Hubert Freidl

What is Lyconet company?

Lyconet is among the world’s most eminent network marketing companies. The company helps independent Marketers establish and run their own shopping network with which they can generate an additional and stable income.

Is Lyconet fake?

Lyconet SCAM Lyoness , Lyconet, MyWorld , all are same thing, A VERY BIG SCAM , A PONZI scheme. I am very shocked how autorities from all the world do not close this big SCAM . Please. Do not use and do not invest any money because you will never get any money back.

Are MLM illegal UK?

The nature of the business model means a few people at the top end up earning money, and the large number at the “bottom of the pyramid” will make little to none. They’re illegal in the UK. Multi-level marketing is a similar structure, but there is a product involved. The product can be anything.

What is myWorld?

myWorld | Over 150,000 Partners, Deals and Voucher Codes worldwide. www.myworld.com. Go to school in style. Discover your favorite items among these exciting offers, 👟plus Cashback and Shopping Points.

How many people are there in the Lyoness Community?

The shopping community has a self-proclaimed membership of more than five million (as of July 2016). Lyoness is currently active in more than 40 countries, spread over six continents. In several countries Lyoness is suspected as being a pyramid scheme.

Where was the ancient kingdom of Lyonesse located?

Legends of old say, Lyonesse was once a mighty Kingdom upon the Elder Isles just off of the coast of present day Cornwall, UK, stretching into the Atlantic Ocean beyond the Isles of Scilly.

Where did the name Lyonesse come from in England?

In English adaptations of the French tales, LĂ©onois, now “Lyonesse”, becomes a kingdom wholly distinct from Lothian, and closely associated with the Cornish region, though its exact geographical location remained unspecified. The name was not attached to Cornish legends of lost coastal lands until the reign of Elizabeth I of England.

How does the Lyoness online shopping community work?

Lyoness operates an international, cross-sectoral shopping community, from which members and merchants presumably benefit through cashback discounts and customer loyalty, respectively.

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